Thursday, October 1, 2015

Grateful for Love

I am taking a break today from our regularly scheduled design and style posts to wish my bad ass husband Robbie a happy anniversary. I don't usually do stuff like this, but today, I'm doing it. Yes, I could have easily saved this for Instagram or Facebook, but I wanted to do it here. Don't worry - I'm not going to gush about Robbie's wonderful attributes (although he does have many), or bore you with the details of how much I love him or what an incredible father he is to Essley or how excited I am to watch him be a daddy to the little one in my belly in three months. I'm just going to say that I'm so very grateful for the last four years of marriage (and nine together). There is a lot a really awful, heavy crap going on in the world right now, and I feel very lucky for the good things that I have in my daily life - especially my family.

We're not going on some fancy anniversary trip, or surprising each other with lavish gifts, or even going out to a romantic dinner (unless you count the super casual kid-friendly place we'll be hitting up with Essley tonight because we couldn't find a sitter). But I'm cool with that. I'm more than cool with that. I honestly couldn't ask for anything more.

Thanks for letting me get sappy for a minute, guys. And make sure you come back tomorrow for a non-lovey-dovey, normal lifestyle-themed post involving apple recipes. (You'll dig it, I promise.)



  1. Aww, Happy Anniversary guys!

  2. ❤️ Happy Anniversary!!! You're right about all the crappy stuff going on in the world... Cling to your beautiful family, seems like you've got a great one!! (We will be celebrating 3 years of marriage tomorrow, have a toddler, and one in my belly- similar to you:). Much love Melissa!! Now I'm singing, "they loved each other.."

  3. Happy Anniversary :) Wishing you two a wonderful day!

  4. Happy anniversary lovebirds!

  5. Happy Anniversary, beautiful friends!!! LOVE!!

  6. Thank you so much for the well wishes everybody! xoxo


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