Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Wish Lists Forever: My Modern Bohemian Living Room

I have a thing for making wish lists. It's like all the fun of window shopping (without the effort), but it also makes me feel like I'm being productive and organized. For example, if I'm in need of something specific, and I put together a wish list of products that help me meet this need, I get to window shop - but I also end up with a nice organized gathering of goods to reference. This has been especially big for me recently because (as you guys know) we've been house hunting, and in an effort to balance out the stress of trying to find something decent within out budget, I've been also trying to focus on the part of it that excites me - decorating. It's actually soothing for me to take time between the nonstop searching for houses and dealing with numbers/finances to plan how I'd like to decorate rooms in our future space. If I just sit down with my laptop or phone for a while and create online wish lists for products that inspire me for our potential new home, I feel more pumped than stressed. This can, of course, apply to a lot more than just decorating a room. And that's where Shopswell comes in.

Shopswell is the best you guys. And that is why I'm sharing it here - because I know many of you fellow wish list lovers will appreciate it as much as I do. Pinterest has been big for me in terms of getting inspiration for our future home, but as much as I love it, I have to admit it's not that practical when you're actually looking for products to potentially purchase. This is why I love Shopswell so, so much. It's like a Pinterest for shopping - only better. Shopswell only features products available for sale and even shows you the current price, so there's none of that disappointment that accompanies clicking on a cool product in your Pinterest feed only to find out that it's either not available or the link doesn't even lead to the product at all. It also has a community feel, with like-minded shoppers working together to find the coolest products and the best prices. Shopswell shoppers share their favorite finds via wish lists that are curated by theme, which makes it easy to follow others who like the same things you do. It also helps you to make informed decisions before you actually buy, via reviews, recommendations, and even shared videos created by fellow shoppers. Oh, and did I mention that you get get your own price stalker? Shopswell will track prices for you, and alert you when they change so you can save money. It's pretty great.

One of the rooms that I'm most excited to decorate when we buy our new place is the living room. It's the place where we spend most of our time, and I also feel like it's the space in which I'd likely have the most freedom to make my own. My regular readers know how much I love a modern bohemian aesthetic - a clean, minimalist space with boho touches. So that is the theme that I chose for my most recent Shopswell list. I've had so much fun browsing the different categories for products, and also perusing my favorite online stores for products to add to my list. I've filled it with all sorts of goodies that I'm coveting and that inspire me for my space - from plants to furniture to smaller decor items. You can check out my modern boho home decor list of goodness by clicking on the image below:

I could gush on and on about wish lists and home decor and Shopswell, but you guys should really check it out yourselves. And if you sign up, let me know your user name so I can find you and your lists! Oh, and I also want to mention their awesome Shop.Share.Win. monthly giveaway. Each month they're giving $10,000 back to the Shopswell community based on credits earned for helping others. You can learn more about it right here, and more on how to play and earn money right here.

Who else loves making wish lists? Are any of you already on Shopswell?

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  1. question about succulents - how often do you water your little ones :)

    1. I only water them once every couple of months. They can be tricky!

  2. Yes, I'm a wishlist maker too :) That sounds like a cool plattform! Off to check it out :)
    I love those printed bowls that you have in your list!

  3. I want everything on your list! I love wish lists too so I for sure need to sign up for this.

  4. I really love the Bohemian interior look!!!

  5. I definitely almost bought that "arabesque" rug last month, but then the site was out in the size I needed. I wasn't aware of Shopswell, but it would have been really useful when I was buying a lot of new furniture in September!

  6. Beautiful post! Thanks for the insights.

  7. I love making lists, both for myself and for others. Those bowls are super fun, and I love the floor lamp.


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