Sunday, December 6, 2015

Checking In, Saying Hi

Bubby and Bean Holiday Cards

Happy Sunday! I thought I'd stop by the blog today with a quick weekend "hello." I know the blog has been a lot of partnered posts lately without much personal interaction, so it felt like a good time to check in. I mainly post life update type stuff over on my Instagram these days anyway, but I, of course, want the blog to feel authentic as well. Yes, this blog is part business for me - but that doesn't mean there shouldn't be personal connection.

So that said, hey! How are you guys? How is your holiday season so far? Robbie has been in the Dominican with the band for the past week (some of you may remember that Essley and I accompanied him last year; this time I was too pregnant to fly internationally), and after him being home almost all of November, it's admittedly been a bit of an adjustment taking care of a toddler while eight months pregnant, and trying to work during her naps instead of having full days. We've been making the best of it, though. It's been nice to have some girl time with just her and myself, knowing that in a few weeks there will be another little one in our house. Speaking of our house, the house hunting has been sort of put on pause for a few months (I'll talk more about this in a post coming later this week), so I'm just focusing on getting this place decorated for the holidays and going through baby stuff when there is downtime.

I wish I had a more exciting update than that, but the truth is that things are pretty chill right now aside from lots of OB appointments (that happens when you're "advanced maternal age") and being very busy trying to squeeze in a lot of work projects before the baby comes and I take a couple of weeks off for maternity leave. I'm looking forward to a relaxed Christmas, followed by a small, laid back birthday party for Essley (the opposite of last year!). Then my birthday/New Year's Day will be here, then, if he decides to come close to his due date, little boy will arrive. Robbie gets home from the band's New Year's run just a few days before the due date, so cross your fingers I don't go into labor early!

Before I go, how about that beautiful picture above, taken by my friend Julie from Orchid Grey of her Bubby and Bean holiday cards? It makes me so happy to see people post photos of them on Instagram. (You can see more of people's images by searching hashtag #bubbyandbeanart.) If you're looking for holiday cards this season, please check out our little shop! Right now everything is shipping in 1-2 business days, so there is plenty of time. We're still shipping wholesale orders too, so if you have a shop, drop us a line.

I hope you're all doing great and enjoying the season. I'll try to pop in with these types of posts more often.



  1. I can't believe your baby is almost here!!! So exciting!! I follow you on Instagram but I still love these updates, keep them coming! :-D

  2. Your cards are so pretty. I hope you get a little break around the holidays, super woman!

  3. It sounds like you have everything under control, Melissa :) Fingers crossed that all goes smoothly the next couple of weeks and that Robbie gets back in good time!

  4. I don't know how you do it all, Melissa, but I'm constantly in awe of the fact that you do. Wishing you a lovely December!

  5. Impressed by everything you have going on and your sense of calm! Love your cards.

  6. I don't know how you're prepping for Christmas, momming a toddler all day, and working while 8 (almost 9?) months pregnant all by yourself. You might be a superhero.


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