Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Holiday Clementine Mimosa Mocktails

Last month I shared a couple of my favorite mimosa recipes with you guys. And although my mouth was watering the entire time I was making them, and my friends who drank them said they were as delicious as always, I couldn't drink them myself because I'm pregnant. I was admittedly a little bummed about this (I love mimosas something fierce), but it got me thinking - why not create a mimosa style mocktail for the holidays? It would be a fun way to get to enjoy a different take on one of my favorite beverages and a great festive alternative for kids and those who don't drink alcohol. So I got to work experimenting and came up with what I think is a seriously tasty sparkling holiday drink that is perfect for get-togethers, holiday brunches, Christmas morning, and New Year's Eve. I served them at a casual holiday dinner we hosted recently and they were a huge hit, even with those who also had some of my regular mimosas as well. The best part (other than the fact that it tastes ridiculously good) is that it's incredibly quick and easy to throw these together.

DASANI Sparkling Water in Lemon flavor, chilled (1 can will make 2 mimosas)
Minute Maid Pure Squeezed Orange Juice
clementines (for juice and garnish)
fresh cranberries (for garnish)
course sugar (for rim)

Coat the rim of a glass or champagne flute with water and then dip into coarse sugar (I used a festive gold color, but any coarse sugar will work). Fill each glass about half way with orange juice. Slice open one to two clementines for each glass and squeeze the juice directly into the glass. Stir. Fill each glass the rest of the way with Lemon DASANI Sparkling Water. Top with a few fresh cranberries and garnish with a clementine wheel. Drink!

This cheery sparkling beverage treat is delicious without being overly sweet, and perfectly tangy thanks to the clementine juice and the hint of lemon from the DASANI Sparkling Water. I love using DASANI Sparkling Water as a mixer for drinks not only because it's super refreshing and comes in a variety of flavors (Lime, Berry, Lemon, and Black Cherry), but also because it has zero calories, is unsweetened, contains zero artificial colors, and it's caffeine-free. You can grab some of your own (it comes in 12 packs of 12 ounce cans) at WalMart and use it in all sorts of holiday beverages, or drink it alone (it's so good you guys). For my next batch of these mimosa mocktails I'm going to try the Black Cherry flavor with a splash of cranberry juice on top.

What is your favorite holiday drink, cocktail, mocktail, or otherwise? (And PS, if you want more easy holiday party drink ideas, check out this fun Pinterest board.)

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  1. That looks amazing! Love the gold sugar rim :)
    We usually drink red wine during the holidays, but this would make a nice alcohol-free alternative!

  2. LOVE this recipe. I do something similar with 7up. I'm all for non alcoholic drinks. I just don't like alcohol at all and I never serve any at parties I host. Yay for more alcohol free inspiration. Totally sharing this on social. Thanks so much for sharing! Gorgeous photos by the way. Wow!!

    Julie |

  3. Wow these look so good! I am going to make these on Christmas morning!

  4. Admittedly, when I make these - and I will - they will still be done with champagne. But substituting Dasani for those who can't or don't drink is a brilliant idea!

  5. This looks incredibly delicious and the photos are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.

  6. These look almost too good to drink! But sound so yummy!!!

  7. Thanks for your comments you guys! You have to try these.


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