Monday, February 29, 2016

Cactus Style Love (+ Hey from Arizona!)

1. Cactus Sunset Muscle Tee, Midnight Rider  //  2. Golden Cactus Tunic, Simka Soul on Easy  // 3. Cactus Print Knit Dress, Diesel  // 4. Cactus Tank, Truly Madly  //  5. Cartoon Cactus Dress, Kenzo  //  6. Cactus and Succulent Tee, Real Rebel on Etsy

Greetings from Arizona! We arrived here in Scottsdale on Saturday and have been seriously enjoying some downtime in the sunshine. The flight was Essley's seventh time on a plane but her first with her own seat, and it was pretty hilarious to witness how important she felt. It was baby Emmett's very first flight and he did really well too. I think we must have passed on our wanderlust genes because (knock on wood) both our kids seems to be great travelers. We have lots of fun things planned this week, and I'm sure I'll be posting regular updates on IG and Snapchat, so feel free to come join us over there (@bubbyandbean for both accounts). There will be regular posts here on the blog this week as well. Today I thought I'd send out some cactus style vibes in honor of our vacation (we are literally surrounded by gorgeous saguaros right now), as seen in the photos above. I'll take the tee in image #1 and the one in image # 6, please. Oh, and that crazy cute tunic from Simka Soul (#2). Have a great Monday!



  1. Enjoy your time and make sure to soak up that gorgeous sun :)
    I love that black T-shirt, so cute!

  2. That dress is so cute! Have a wonderful holiday!

  3. Love this collection of Cacti inspired wear :) Hope you are enjoying the sunshine and change of scenery. Your little E is growing so quickly!

    PS: that We(s)t coast wedding photo shoot you featured last post is stunning. I live in the parts where it was shot so the landscape really spoke to me. Gorgeous!

    1. I agree - so beautiful! How cool that you lived there. xo

  4. Love the cute tank in #4....oh to be wearing tank tops again!
    My parents just left AZ after a month there...lucky ducks!
    Enjoy the sun :)

  5. Thanks for the comments guys! We're having a great trip. xo

  6. Ah, Scottsdae sounds so wonderful right now as I sit inside, listening to the pouring rain. Hope you're having the most wonderful time and soaking up all of the sunshine!

  7. I absolutely love the black and gold shirt and the black and white dress. Really had enough of winterclothes by now, summer clothes are much more fun in my opinion :-)


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