Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Baby Emmett, Newborn No More

In a week and a half my little man will be three months old, which officially makes him no longer a newborn. Weird. It's so cliche to say this but I genuinely feel like I was in labor last week. The concept of time with children is bizarre and indescribable.

The last time I posted an update about Emmett (which was admittedly a lot longer than this one is going to be, and more involved, as I talked about my desire to incorporate more personal posts into the blog this year as well), I shared my experience having a second little one and the differences I'd noticed between Essley and Emmett as babies. Really, not a lot has changed. I mean, obviously he's grown (a lot) physically, mentally, and emotionally over the last couple of months, but the rest isn't so different. He and Essley are still interacting so much (even more so) and showing genuine affection to each other. Essley has also become more nurturing of him, which is incredible on so many levels. (It hasn't stopped her from the occasional sucker punching of the poor kid either, but hey, baby steps.) He is also still what I consider to be a pretty good sleeper - going about 3 hours between feedings at night, and nursing like a champ.

One thing that has really changed with Emmett is his ability to communicate beyond crying. He's been smiling and cooing constantly, which is basically the best thing ever in my eyes. And while he cried a lot for several weeks in there (had he cried all night too, I would have been certain it was colic), his time being happy and content now outweighs the tears (thank you universe because mama was freaking tired).

I'm still exhausted too, but we are starting to find our groove and adjust to our new normal. The band's winter and early spring tours end in about a month and Robbie will get a few weeks off before things start up again, so that will be a very needed and appreciated break for me. As challenging as it's been continuing to work nearly full time and take care of a baby and two year old mostly on my own, I also feel grateful that I will have gotten the hardest part of year over with. I think it's made me stronger as a mother too. None of us really know what we're doing as parents, but there is something about the really difficult parts of parenting that give us a sort of confidence that makes the whole experience feel a little less daunting.

As always, you can keep up with our family adventures on Instagram and Snapchat (@bubbyandbean). And I promise I still plan to share Emmett's birth story once I have a little more time to sit down and really focus. Thanks for following along on our journey, friends!



  1. He looks JUST like Robbie, it's incredible. I'm glad you've made it through the tough part and will get a little time to regroup soon! I had to laugh at Essley giving him the occasional sucker-punch, though, because I totally did that to my little sister when I was her age. Haha.

  2. He is really adorable. I have two about two years apart too, and that first year literally gave me gray hair. It gets easier. The fact that you're doing it alone most of the time and working and still have a smile on your face is proof that you're a committed parent and that's wonderful.

  3. wow, has it been 3 months already? from the outside, it seems to have flown by, but i'm sure in the moment it doesn't feel quite as fast ;) bri has to fly to another state for work trips once a month that last a week and i'm so completely melted by the time he gets back. i couldn't imagine doing it with two kiddos or for longer than one week at a time. props!

  4. So cute! I'm glad he and Essley are getting along so well :)
    I'm still amazed how you manage it all!!

  5. So sweet to seem them cuddling. I remember how uptight I was when my oldest was born ... and when we had a second baby we just didn't sweat the small stuff. Perhaps that is why my younger one is easy going!


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