Monday, March 7, 2016

Our Favorite Nail Polishes, Spring 2016 Edition

The Best Nail Polishes for Spring and Summer 2016 // Bubby and Bean
1. Petal Pushers, Essie  //  2.  Candy Shop, Deborah Lippman  //  3. Neely, Zoya  //  4. Yolo Yellow, Sinful Colors  //  5. Peach Treats, Palate Polish  //  6. Nama-stay the Night, Essie  //  7. I'm Sooo Swamped, OPI  //  8. Cotton Buds, Butter London  //  9. Schiap, NARS  // 10. My Very First Knockwurst, OPI  // 11. Storm Grey, Burberry  // 12. Off Tropic, Essie

Before we left for our Arizona trip I got a mani and pedi (it had been a while since I'd gotten both done, and it was glorious), and I spent some time beforehand looking at nail color trends, because I am a dork like that. It turns out that several of the polishes I've purchased recently happen to be on trend right now, so that's cool. (It's kind of fun when you naturally like things that are "in," right?) Since I've had nails on the brain, and since sandal season is right around the corner, it seemed like the perfect time to once again team up with our Beauty Contributor Morgan (nail guru extraordinare) to share our current favorites with you all. As I've mentioned in past seasonal nail polish roundups, I tend to gravitate toward more neutral and/or muted shades, while Morgan isn't afraid of bolder and funkier colors. After combining our favorites (a couple of which even overlapped), these were the final 12 that made the cut for our official top polish picks of spring 2016. (Click on the links above to get more details on each and/or purchase them.)

What are your favorite nail colors for this spring? Have you tried any of the polishes featured here?



  1. Great colors! I like the Essie brand, so I'll be looking for that first one :)

  2. This makes me excited for sandals! I love the seafoam Zoya one and all the Essie's.

  3. I love yellow polish in the spring, it looks amazing on your toes when you start getting a tan.

  4. I love that OPI color for sure, looks perfect for the upcoming sing months!
    Erin |

  5. These are all so pretty. I love the green shades especially the emerald Essie one.

  6. My favourite polish colours tend to be the same year round - pinky nude shades and whites are my go-tos, although recently I've been searching for the perfect shade of pale grey and I think Butter London's Cotton Buds just may be it. Although admittedly I rarely do my nails at home anymore; I discovered shellac last year and am officially addicted.

  7. Of course #9 has my name all over it! But I love #6 too.
    I'm hoping for a mani/pedi day soon!

  8. I tried gray nail polish for the first time recently (which is hilarious, because I'm normally all about gray) and I loved it! It was Essie's Cabana Boy. I'm still a red woman, but it was nice to change it up a little.


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