Friday, April 8, 2016

Links I Love, Right Now

It's Friday! This week included a long drive back from Indianapolis (in the passenger seat), the usual middle-of-the-night nursing sessions with Emmett, and a couple of sleepless nights hovered over two very sick kids, which allowed for plenty of time to peruse the internet for randomly awesome stuff. And since I always want to share fun finds with you guys, that means it's time for another Links I Love post.

My college dorm room sure didn't look like this. Gorgeous.

Breastfeeding makes me crave sugar even more than when I was pregnant (which was a lot). I basically want cookies all the time. I'm trying to eat more protein and less carbs right now though, so I'm thinking these protein-rich cookie recipes are a nice compromise.

Seriously loving this t-shirt dress. The strap detail at the neck makes it so interesting. Want.

I will confess that a couple of my boyfriends in the '90s totally rocked the JNCO jeans. For those too young to remember, they were the skinny jeans of that era. They were not skinny, however. They were large - literally and figuratively. Looking at them now terrifies me a little. See what happened when this guy (recently) wore them for a week.

Genius! 12 foods you had no idea you should be grating.

I've been keeping my eye for a few 'must have' pieces for this summer, and I'm fairly confident that the dress, bag, and sandals in the photo at the top of this post are all I need. So, so cute. (All from Madewell.)

I haven't specifically received one of the emails of which this author is speaking using impatient .gifs (the post is pretty hilarious), but I have definitely gotten my fair share of emails from PR companies with subjects that begin with "Re" when there wasn't already an email conversation. They get promptly deleted.

Hilarious. 25+ people who took instructions too literally. The breastfeeding one (#7) is my favorite. I may need to try that.

I agree with many of the choices on this best Trader Joes foods of all time list. I just wish they hadn't discontinued my beloved Tom Yum soup. That stuff got me through the first trimester of my pregnancy with Essley in a big way.

This ring is so, so beautiful.

What are your plans this weekend? After several weekends in a row full of nonstop activity, this weekend will be a pretty chill one with just the babes and me. I like a lot of action, so slow weekends are usually kind of bummers, but after dealing with both kids being super sick by myself the last few days, I think I'm in need of a slow one. Whatever you have going on, I hope it's everything you want and more!



  1. I love that Tshirt dress! I made one with long sleeves, but I'm thinking of making one for the summer. Perhaps in colorblock :)
    The ring is very beautiful.
    I hope your little ones feel better soon!!

  2. That ring is sooooo pretty and I love the one about grating foods!!! I hope your kids feel better, so hard when kids are sick. :-(

  3. YES to the Trader Joe's food list. They nailed it. I hope your kiddos are feeling better now! It's not fun when both of them are sick.

  4. Oh my gosh, JNCO jeans! To be honest, I'm a little surprised more guys didn't have similar experiences in the 90s... Or may they did and we just didn't notice because at the time we thought they looked good? It seems so ridiculous now. Hope the kiddos are feeling better! (And you're getting a little rest as a result.)

  5. I like the bag and shoes, the dress is a bit of a revelation for me. I hope you and your children feel better now. It's hard when young children get sick.

  6. Thanks so much for your comments you guys! xo


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