Friday, April 29, 2016

Links I Love, Right Now

Oh hey, Friday. Anybody else feel like this week went by really fast? I mean, Monday dragged (as always), but I guess because my schedule was pretty intense this week, it just flew by. Normally 'Links I Love' posts are saved for weeks when I've had at least a small amount of downtime to spend wandering aimlessly through the internet. This week didn't allow for much of that, but I guess a lot of cool things appeared out of nowhere when I was online. And here they are.

Like my fellow children of the 80s (and pretty much everyone else), I was so saddened by Prince's death last week. His music provided a good portion of the music I first started listening to as a kid, and he was way too young to die. (2016, you can suck it as far as music legends are concerned). I knew he was talented, but I had no idea he was also such an incredible philanthropist. Pretty great.

The scientific reason why rainbow colored food is so tasty.

There's no way my nursing boobs could do a dress designed to be worn without a bra like this one (also shown in image above), but that doesn't stop me from staring at it dreamily. It's like fancy boho. I love it.

For someone who chooses to both wear and be surrounded by a whole lot of white, black, and gray, I am an unwavering fan of yellow and always have been. It's the cheeriest color in existence you guys. And it's majorly underrated.

The cutest bathing suit cover-up I ever did see.

21 people share their favorite movies to watch when everything seriously sucks.

First of all, this link is neither safe for work nor something you'd want to view in the company of minors (I figured putting that in bold would create an extra warning, because I'm considerate like that). That said, it is also hilarious. This woman turned her collection of unsolicited, ahem, male organ pictures into an art show. Amazing.

Awww. This cow breaks into her home just to wait for her family. I love her.

I want these sandals in every color.

I  would also like this top, please.

These badass Bolivian women take mountain climbing to new heights.

What are your plans for the weekend? We have a playdate/pizza party this evening with some other little ones (that thankfully, will also involve wine and beer for the adults), tomorrow I have a lunch date with a girlfriend and some shopping fun planned for Essley and me, and Sunday morning Robbie gets home and we're having a family day (which never happens on Sundays anymore because if he is home, I'm usually working). Robbie and I will have been together for a decade this year, and looking back ten years, I would have laughed so hard at the weekend plans I have these days. Gone are the days of watching the sun rise from city rooftops with cocktails in hand, often in different cities each weekend. The intense hangovers are gone too. I certainly never would have looked at my current life as living the dream back then, but now I'm pretty sure I am. And with that deep thought I'll say goodbye for the weekend, friends. Enjoy it!



  1. I listened to Prince back in the 80s a lot, and was saddened by his early death. Great to read more about him. What an amazing musician. Also, I just fell in love with Beryl!!! :)

  2. This week seriously did fly. I've been working like crazy for both my day job and my blog, so much so that I'm wondering if it's time to reevaluate how I do both. But then, I also think that's what wine is for ;) And that cow - seriously. My heart. Happy Friday, my friend!

  3. That's really cool about prince. I love the dress and I love the piece on the d*** pics, lololol! Have a great weekend.


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