Tuesday, April 26, 2016

What I'm Wearing Now: April

Spring Style Essentials // Bubby and Bean
1. Olive Parka (old; find similar here for only $40!)  //  2. Jersey Tee, H&M  //  3. Stripe T-Shirt Dress, Target  //  4. Coco Sunglasses, Free People  //  5. Mala Bracelets (got 10+ years ago while living at the Tibetan Buddhist Center; similar found here)  //  6. Slate Leggings, J.Crew Factory  //  7. Classic Sheffield Watch, Daniel Wellington  //  8. Flared Jeans (thrifted; in love with this similar pair at Madewell, which happens to be on sale!)  //  9. Lily Tote Diaper Bag, Newlie  //  10. Rene Sandal, Trask  //  11. High Rise Frayed Shorts, Target  //  12. Thunderbird II Moccasins, Minnetonka

Nobody wants to start out a blog post on a negative note, but let's be real here - this month's 'What I'm Wearing Now' is pretty boring when you consider that it doesn't look much different than last month's. I was certain it would, since we spent the first quarter of March in 85+ degree weather in Arizona, and April is always still quite chilly in Chicagoland and not a time period in which one pulls out the summer duds. But then Mother Nature decided to grace us with several summer-like days in the second half of this month, and out the warm weather clothes came. So just as my March wardrobe consisted of a mix of both early spring and summertime attire, April did as well.

I'm really looking forward to being able to focus just on one season when it comes to clothing - my favorite season at that. (I've got my eye on you, cut off shorts and new favorite top that mostly sits in the back of my closet for now.) I'm hoping May will deliver.

What's the weather like where you live? Are you into your warm weather wardrobe (so many w's) yet?



  1. Sadly, I'm back to wearing winter clothes. This cold spell over here is supposed to last until next week. Eek!
    The flared jeans makes a nice change :)

    1. I've been really into flares and bell bottoms lately with denim. I hope it warms up there soon!

  2. We've been spoiled with beautiful weather here in Vancouver for the past few weeks - sunshine, blue skies and, some days, even really warm temperatures. But most days it's about thirteen, so those beautiful blue skies are deceptive and, in reality, I'm still in sweaters and jeans most days, which isn't that exciting but - I had had bare legs a few times now and it has been glorious!

    1. Those first days where you can finally have bare legs are the best, aren't they?

  3. I really look forward to these posts every month. I love how honest they are and I love your style!


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