Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Bring May Flowers

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May is one of my favorite months. I love than it's the link between spring and summer - there is something exciting about that for me. And aside from the obvious (warmer weather, duh), there is nothing that gets me more pumped for May than flowers. So today, in honor of the first week of May, I'm sharing some especially inspiring flower images I've come across recently. I can't wait to watch all the May flowers continue to bloom outside as the month progresses.



  1. Gorgeous! love all the flowers - especially the wild flowers - just like an English garden

  2. The other day I was walking through the local park admiring all the colorful flowers :)
    Love the pretty bouquets in #4!

  3. These are so pretty and just what I needed today!!

  4. May flowers are the best flowers, I think - at least until August when dahlias appear ;) May is the beginning of a very busy season in my life; both of my parents are born in May, my husband and one of my best friends in June and my brother in July, not to mention that father's day and mother's day fall in there. I am perpetually buying gifts and flowers this time of year but honestly, what better time could there be for it?

  5. Same wavelength--I was just thinking about picking up some flowers from the grocery store today. :-D


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