Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Let's Talk Flared Jeans

1. Wide-Leg Crop Jeans in Birdie Wash, Madewell  //  2. Stella High Rise Flare, Free People  //  4. Button Fly Wide-Leg Sailor Jeans, UO  //  4. High Rise 5 Pocket Flare, Free People  // 5. Point Sur Wide Leg Jeans, J. Crew  // 6. Crop Flare - Paz, Rag & Bone  //  7. Tidal Wave Extreme Flares, Free People

I have been wearing skinny jeans for so long I can't even remember a single pair of jeans I owned before them. I rocked the big jeans/fitted top look hard in the '90s, but even since then I've been drawn to the opposite - oversized tops and skinny freaking jeans. Recently though, I finally decided that (I think) I am officially over the skinnies. I guess if I'm going to wear something form fitted to my legs these days, I prefer to stick to leggings. And I don't know... I guess I'm just finally bored with them. They've run their course for me.

Right now, I am feeling flared jeans in a big way. And I'm not talking early 2000 boot cuts. I'm talking full-on '70s style flares and wide-legs. The looks demonstrated above are inspiring me big time to invest in a few more pairs (right now I only have one pair that I actually thrifted, but this pair  from Madewell and this pair from Rag & Bone are at the top of my wish list.) I don't care if they're high-waisted, cropped, frayed, floor-skimming - I love them all.

What about you? Are you feeling the flared jeans? What's your go to denim favorite?



  1. Flares were never really my thing - I think it's because I'm petite, they just wind up being too much work with tailoring, hemming and the need to wear heels. I converted to skinnies very early on in the trend and I've never looked back. I have recently bought one pair of flared pants, but I reserve them mostly for the office. I'm not ready to try the jeans again yet, but I'm trying to remind myself that I should never say never ;)

  2. I bought myself a pair of moderately flared jeans recently! I have to admit, though, that I look best in skinnies :)

  3. I love all of these so much. I'm sort of over skinny jeans too, I feel like they're on their way out.


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