Tuesday, May 24, 2016

My Favorite Kitchen Tools (That Look Pretty Too)

High Quality Kitchen Tools That Look Pretty Too (via Bubby and Bean

If you look back over the last few years of posts here at Bubby and Bean, you'll see all sorts of mentions of the fact that I didn't cook. Ever. The kitchen, aside from design aspects of it, was probably my least favorite space in the house. Cooking and baking just weren't my thing, man. Then, out of nowhere, very recently, I started to (gasp) enjoy creating things (that were actually edible) in the kitchen. It began when I was pregnant with Emmett, so I just assumed it was part of these weird nesting syndrome that accompanies pregnancy. But now, here I am with a four month old baby, and the motivation to actually use the kitchen remains. My husband is still the master chef in this house, but I am now officially inspired to (at least sometimes) cook meals as well.

All that said, I'd be lying if I told you the design aspects of the kitchen weren't still my favorite part of it. I'm admittedly often more interested in how appliances or cookware or kitchen accessories look than how they perform (which I realize is pretty silly, but oh well). I'm initially more drawn to a pretty colored knife than a plain one, for example. But what I've recently learned in my newfound enjoyment of preparing food is that thankfully, appearance and function don't have to be mutually exclusive when it comes to cooking and baking tools. So today I thought I'd share some of my (and my husband's) favorite aesthetically lovely kitchen accessories that also happen to do their jobs incredibly well, as seen in the collage above.

Each of these goods comes from Kuhn Rikon, a Swiss brand of cookware and cooks' tools with which we have fallen hard in love. Some of them we already own and love (the Colori + Classic Professional Knife Set, Dual Sharpener, Box Mandoline & Grater, Epicurean Garlic Press, Corn Zipper, Non-Stick Turner, and Silicon Baking Sheet), and some are on our wish list. But they are all perfect examples of how visually beautiful kitchen accessories can also work amazing well. We use each of these items on a regular basis (check out Robbie whipping up dinner in these photos with the mandolin, garlic press, and knife set), and they're so pretty that it's almost disappointing when it's time to put them away. Chances are you've heard of Kuhn Rikon, but if you haven't, I can't recommend them highly enough. They're a family owned company that's been around since 1899, with products available in more than 40 countries worldwide, and their products are top notch.

I'll keep you guys posted as to whether or not my desire to cook is a permanent thing, but for now, I'm going with it. And even if it does eventually subside, I'll undoubtedly continue to be a fan of beautifully designed kitchen goods (even if my husband goes back to being the only one who actually uses them).

This post is in partnership with Kuhn Rikon. Thank you for supporting the brands who help make Bubby and Bean possible.



  1. I've always liked cooking / baking, and especially with pretty kitchenware :) I could use a new set of whisks like #7!

  2. Wow, that is some really gorgeous kitchen ware! I want it all lol.

  3. Those are the prettiest knives I've ever seen! I need a mandoline and that one is super cute. (I love red.) I love that you're cooking more too! :)


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