Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Kaftan Love

1. Melrose Muse Kaftan, Free People  //  2. Sunflower Captivate Kaftan, Jen's Pirate Bootie  //  3. Dream Time Kaftan, Free People  //  4. Le Sirenuse Caftan, J.Crew  //  5. Ojai Caftan, Ace & Jig  //  6. Torrin Caftan, Goddis  //  7. Morocco Maxi Kaftan, Boohoo  //  8. Athena Embellished Kaftan, Free People //  9. Palm Print Kaftan Maxi, Traffic People

You guys already know about my kimono obsession (and I rarely, if ever, use the word "obsession"), but lately I've been all about their sister in style, the kaftan (also spelled caftan; also called a muumuu). It's a trend with which I can really get on board (I mean, hello bohemian marriage of comfort and style), but it also has the ability to very easily border on frumpy if not done right. (I give kudos to Mrs. Roper for for always rocking her  own look, but I don't exactly want to emulate her style. Nor do I wish to look pregnant when I'm not.)  The designs you see above all do a stellar job of being stylish without looking dowdy, which is key. And even if you're not into the thought of wearing one as a dress like I am, the kaftan makes the chicest swimsuit cover around.

Despite my closet full of kimonos (I think I own 9 right now), I don't have a single kaftan. And that needs to change before summer slips away. While I'd love to snatch up #5 above, it's just not in my price range for a casual dress. So I'm thinking #9 may be the winner. I'm a sucker for palm print anyway. Which is your favorite? Would you rock a kaftan as a dress?



  1. I think they're beautiful in the summertime. I love # 5 too!

  2. I love them too. That palm print one is on point. =)

  3. You have nine kimonos? I'm officially envious - I love the style but have yet to find a single one that I love in a store where I could try it on. I blame all the floral prints ;) I'm not much of a dress gal but I did have a muumuu when I was little that I loved and I think I could be persuaded to love the second dress in this post, too.

  4. Would totally rock a kaftan as a dress! I love the second one.

  5. These floaty kaftans simply scream summer :)
    My fave is #2!

  6. All of these are super gorgeous! Want. Them. ALL!

  7. Love these! Also perfect for a prego belly!!


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