Thursday, August 4, 2016

Hey From Our Weekend Getaway

Happy almost Friday guys. (It just sounds better to say that than "Happy Thursday," ya know?) As this post goes lives, the kids and I will be on another road trip down to Indianapolis to spend some QT with their auntie/my sister one last time before she starts up teaching for the school year again (on Monday - how is that possible?) and to hang with Robbie at work tomorrow. The band is playing at White River State Park which is right downtown and one of my favorite venues. This will be Emmett's first show (thank you for all the kind words on his birth story post by the way; it's been the most viewed post on the blog in the last month!), and probably the first show that Essley actually gets and is excited about. She can't wait to help daddy at work! I'll be snapping from backstage and during the show, so if you're into that, come visit me on Snapchat (and/or Instagram because their new IG Stories feature is basically Snapchat, right?) under username bubbyandbean. And if you're going to be at the show (I know a few of you are fans of the band!), please say hi if you see me! Unfortunately Robbie has to hop back on the tour bus right after the show but he'll be joining us back in Indianapolis on Sunday, and on Monday we'll all drive home together before he hits the road again for late summer and early fall tour. Things will be really intense after that for me with work and the babes so I'm looking forward to enjoying this final long summer weekend with friends and fam. I know things have been chiller than normal here on the blog the last couple of weeks, but that's about to end. The editorial calendar for the rest of August is almost completely full, so look forward to a whole lot of posts.

What are your plans for the weekend? Whatever they are, I hope you enjoy them. See you Monday!

P.S. That top image is (obviously) not from our trip, nor does it look anything like what it will be (I am traveling with a baby and a toddler - so yeah, not even close). Nope. But I liked it, and it made me think of summertime travel. So there you go. Here's the source.



  1. Your sister starts teaching this early in August?! That's crazy! Here in Canada, back to school is still very far away and, if we're lucky, the best of summer weather and summer fun is still to come. Enjoy your weekend away!

  2. Have a great trip and a fun time with your sister :)

  3. Oh my how fun!! I love road trips & nothing is better than some GT with your sister. <3


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