Friday, September 2, 2016

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

After doing a "regular" blog post the other day for the first time in weeks (which as I mentioned in my last Emmett update, felt pretty wonderful to work on; any sense of normal routine feels like a great gift right now), I wanted to check in for a personal update yet again. It's going to be a while before things are back to where they were here at Bubby and Bean, especially now that Robbie is returning to work and I'll be mostly tending to Emmett's care/treatment/appointments on my own, but I do plan on slowly getting semi back on track with slightly more regular posts this month. While it's not possible to make a lot of advance work commitments right now with how unstable Emmett's situation remains, I'm going to do my best to keep this space active. Some of our contributors will be writing, I have a small handful of brand partnerships happening, and I'll be posting some personal updates too. As I said in my last update, this is not a personal blog and I normally keep the majority of my family's private life off this space - but my family is everything right now, and there's no avoiding some overflow.

I'm mainly checking in today though because I wanted to say thank you. I know I keep talking about how grateful I am for all of you, here and on social media and on my personal Facebook page and in emails and texts and phone calls, but for real, I am so, so grateful. When you are faced with a major life crisis, it's truly mind blowing to realize how incredible human beings can be. I've always known my readers and followers were awesome. I've always known my friends and family were awesome. But to read all of your messages and comments and kind words is just wild you guys, in the best of ways. Robbie and I felt very alone in the initial moments of hearing Emmett's diagnosis, because it's such a rare disease with such a horrible prognosis for most, but within hours we began to feel the collective embrace of loved ones, and that has just continued to grow over the last few weeks as we've shared what's going on beyond just our inner circle of friends and family. Friends and business associates have sent cards and flowers and food. People have sent healing oils and trinkets to help supplement Emmett's treatment. Yesterday three of our best friends got together and set up a YouCaring campaign to help with medical expenses. Essley and Emmett have received toys and clothes from friends and family and coworkers. And most importantly, so, so many of you have sent us kind thoughts, good vibes, prayers, and positive energy. There's a weird sense of insecurity when you're sharing something like your child's illness on a public forum, and I avoided it for days. But now I'm so glad I shared because, as I've said probably an annoying amount of times now, I truly believe that positive collective energy works. And I believe it has worked you guys. I just know it has. For those who didn't see the update I added to the last post or on my Instagram, Emmett's 48 hours EEG showed no abnormal brainwaves and no seizures (meaning that, for now, the medication is working). And at his developmental therapy assessment on Wednesday, we were given a very promising status as well. We have a long, uncertain road ahead of us, but we couldn't be more grateful for how things are going as of now. Or for how wonderful all of you have been to our family.

Okay, that's it for now. I hope those of you here in the states have a great three day weekend. I'll be back at some point next week (and you can always find me over on Instagram in the meantime). Oh, and I picked that sweet and sleepy picture of Emmett to share because I love the shirt he's wearing (a gift from some dear friends) - it says, "I will always be brave. I will always stay strong."

And one more time, just because - THANK YOU.



  1. Awwww he is the sweetest!!! Continuing to keep you guys in my prayers!!

  2. what wonderful news! and he sure is brave and strong for such a little guy!

  3. I have absolute faith that your little boy is going to get through this. It's obvious how much you love it and your strength and positive attitude are clear. I almost commented on your last post about if someone was doing you GoFundMe or some sort of fund, I know all too well how expensive this kind of thing is. I'm going to be donating later today. I hope you can take some time off to take care of Emmett and not have to worry so much about work. Sending love from Oregon.

  4. No thank YOU for sharing your family with us. I know it sounds silly but I feel like it's my own family hearing these updates! I really care! I will check in here everyday regardless but I understand that posting won't be as regular and I think all your readers feel the same. We love Bubby and Bean.

  5. Reading the good news makes my heart swell. Thank you for updating us. Your strength is inspiring!


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