Monday, September 19, 2016

What I'm Wearing Now: September

Early Fall Style // Bubby and Bean
1. Plaid Shirt Dress, Target (image above is slightly different; see here for exact dress)  //  2. High-Rise Waist Flare Jeans, Target  //  3. Patterned Off-the-Shoulder Dress, H&M  //  4. Sliced Cuff Bracelet, Flourish Leather  // 5. Beaded Tassel Bracelets, Madewell  // 6. Slate Leggings, J.Crew Factory  // 7. Lily Tote Diaper Bag, Newlie  //  8. Off-Shoulder Peasant Top (mine is old but this one is close to identical)  9. Double Fringe Side Zip Boot, Minnetonka  // 10. Rene Sandal, Trask  

Because of everything going on with my son Emmett and the tornado of anxiety that came along with his diagnosis in August, I didn't do a What I'm Wearing Now post last month. And really, it wouldn't have looked like much, since I spent almost a week in the hospital and the rest of month basically living in pajamas. While things are still far from normal around here, it has been nice to have the motivation to care a little more about what I'm wearing. And even though the blog is still not quite in its usual place in terms of regular posting, it feels good to be working on a post that is part of the usual monthly schedule.

It has still been fairly warm around here this month (something this summer girl appreciates more than I can say) so there has been a lot of carry over from summer time in terms of wardrobe choices, but I've also added a couple of fall pieces to the collection. I've worn this plaid shirt dress (which was a serious bargain at $27.99) more times than I should probably admit. I love it without the waist tie, paired with these sandals and bare legs. I've also been sporting these flared jeans - I never thought I'd be a fan of a high waist again, but I'm pretty smitten. And this dress (which is currently on sale for $12.99!) is one of my top summer pieces that I plan to wear until it's no longer weather appropriate.

October usually brings a pretty substantial drop in temperature in Chicago, so I have a feeling next month's What I'm Wearing Now will look quite different. It is the midwest though, so you never really know what you're going to get.

What have you been wearing this month? Does it feel like summer or fall where you live?



  1. Love the plaid dress! We too have been blessed with some gorgeous summer weather unusual for September. Take care, hugs

  2. Oooo I love those flared jeans and what a great price. All such cute stuff!

  3. Isn't it funny how we come around to certain styles again? I swore I'd never wear flares again when I gave them up last time but I just donned my first pair - also high-waisted - in almost ten years last week and I am seriously smitten with the style again!

  4. Love those flair jeans! I'm definitely into layers right now. The days start out a little chilly, but luckily we've still had some nice weather. It was 85 on Sunday...woohoo!


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