Friday, October 7, 2016

A Friday in the Fall

I'm just stopping in to wish you guys a happy Friday (and weekend). Robbie is off the road this weekend and I'm so excited for some family time. We're taking the kids to a massive pumpkin patch one day and a scarecrow festival the other, so if there was ever a time where I could describe myself as "getting my fall on," this would be it. I'm always really sad to say goodbye to summer, but having kids (especially an autumn obsessed one like Essley) has admittedly taught me to appreciate fall more than ever before. I'm pretty stoked for a weekend of hot cider and pumpkin picking. I'm also excited for the fact that after two long months, Emmett's very last injection of his medication was yesterday! There is a 50% chance of his seizures returning, so any good vibes/positive thoughts/prayers you can send our way are so appreciated.

Life is feeling pretty good right now. I hope life is good for you as well. See you Monday, friends.



  1. That sounds like fun :) Happy Autumn! Keeping little Emmett in my positive thoughts...

  2. It sounds like a perfect weekend which your family certainly deserves. I'll be stalking you on Instagram for pictures lol

  3. Have a wonderful weekend, Melissa! Sending lots of love to your family, hope things are on the upswing now :)

  4. So glad you get a family weekend and have such fun plans! Keeping your family in my thoughts. Good vibes that there are no more seizures!

  5. I love Fall, and there is always something fun to do with the kids. My girls loved apple picking, pumpkin patches and the ever popular jumping in leaves. what's not to like? enjoy the family time - and lots of positives vibes sending your way for little Emmett

  6. This is a great photo! I love the pumpkins and all of the colour. I wish Australia would celebrate holidays just as well. Enjoy your week Melissa :)


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