Tuesday, October 11, 2016

How to Register to Vote

Maybe this seems like an odd topic for us to be covering here, but this may be one of the most important elections we see in our lifetimes, and I can't think of many things more on the collective minds of those of us here in the United States right now. Today is the last day to register in many states, and many of them allow you to do so online. If you're not yet registered, I encourage you to please take a minute to look up your state and how/where you can register here. Or you can visit my friend Marc's organization HeadCount, click on your state, and they'll email you the form you need to fill out.

(And don't worry. I may have politics on my mind pretty heavily right now, but they won't be overtaking Bubby and Bean. We'll be back tomorrow with a pretty post that features some delicious fall sandwich recipes. You know, the important stuff.)
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  1. Thank you for posting this!!

  2. Great reminder. We have been following this election like hawks in our house. CNN is on every night to keep up!

  3. Fantastic that you posted this! I may live in Germany, but I've been following US politics closely :)

  4. right on! every vote counts ... get out there and vote! I think I heard this week a discussion of repealing the 19th Amendment. After all that was done almost a century ago (yes!) for women's suffrage. really?


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