Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Southwestern Style Mac and Cheese

Southwestern Style Mac and Cheese // Bubby and Bean

You guys, Melissa is posting about southwestern inspired food! Shocker! Hey, I know what I like. And I'm pretty freaking confident that you are going to like - no, love - this recipe too. It came about as the result of me playing around with some staple ingredients I always have in the house and the ultimate comfort food - macaroni and cheese. And it ended up being one of my favorite dishes I've ever made. Both my husband and little girl agreed. The best part about this recipe, besides the fact that it is absolutely delicious, it that it is incredibly easy, and takes about ten minutes from start to finish. For real. It's the perfect cozy lunch or dinner for the fall and winter too. Trust me - you're going to love it.

Three Bridges Creamy Cheddar Macaroni & Cheese Kit
1/2 cup milk
1 cup black beans
small can of green chilis
chili powder
1/2 avocado, cut into cubes (for topping)
salsa (for topping)

In a medium sized pot, bring milk to a low simmer over medium-high heat. Add the fresh shredded cheddar cheese from the Three Bridges Creamy Cheddar Macaroni & Cheese Kit to the pot, and stir for about 30 seconds, or until cheese is melted. Stir in premium macaroni from the kit. Add black beans and green chilis and stir until heated throughout. Season with chili powder and cumin to taste. Serve topped with salsa and avocado. You can also squeeze some lime juice on top if you have one on hand, and/or top with hot sauce for a little kick. (Serves 2-3.)

I'm not lying when I say I could eat this dish every single day. As a serious lover of southwestern, Tex Mex, and Mexican food, I'm a big fan of all the ingredients incorporated into it - but it's the type of mac and cheese used that really makes it stand out. The brand new Three Bridges Creamy Cheddar Macaroni & Cheese Kit is the first store-bought mac and cheese that isn't frozen or dry - it's refrigerated. Three Bridges also uses real, clean ingredients, including rBST-free cheeses (goodbye, mystery cheese dust!). And you can tell. It tastes so fresh that it's genuinely hard to believe it even came from a package at all. As much as we're smitten with our southwestern take on it, it's equally delicious on its own. It also takes three minutes (yes, three minutes) to prepare, so basically it's the best food invention ever, on every level. I love Three Bridges' other products too. They have an entire line of fresh, refrigerated pastas and sauces that are easy, super tasty, and, like the Mac & Cheese kit, can be incorporated into familiar recipes for a whole new flavor. Definitely give them a try.

What are your favorite ways to doctor up mac and cheese? Have you tried Three Bridges kits?

This post is in partnership with Three Bridges. Thank you for supporting the brands that help make Bubby and Bean possible. 



  1. This looks and sounds delicious! Haven't tried beans with pasta before!

  2. Oh yum! I have most of these ingredients in my fridge right now, with the intention of eating them with something health like brown rice and roasted sweet potato, but now - now all I want to do is put them on mac and cheese ;)

  3. Holy cow does this look delicious. I know what I making for dinner tonight.

  4. I would have never thought of putting beans. I'm not sure of it ..

    1. It was an experiment but ended up being SO delicious! Give it a try. :)


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