Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Family, Independence, and Peace of Mind

Last month, Robbie and I had a long conversation about something all parents undoubtedly discuss - how quickly it seemed like our kids were growing up. Essley in particular, we said, was becoming almost astoundingly independent. This fall marked the beginning of her attending preschool, her first ballet classes where I wasn't participating with her, and an obvious general desire of hers to do things on her own. Our discussion was full of laughing and happy stories of how proud we were, but it also ultimately lead to more serious questions - like what if something happened and she got separated from us? She's too young to know our phone numbers or address. How would people know how to contact us? And then that lead to a more detailed conversation about us as adults, and questions like what if something happened to us when we were out and about without our cell phones or wallets? Robbie is a runner and is constantly out on runs without his phone or any identification. And I go for walks by myself as exercise, often late once the kids are finally in bed, and sometimes I forget my phone. What if we got hurt and had no ID? As a family, what steps could we take to stay safe and allow ourselves peace of mind?

As a runner, Robbie had read about a company called Road ID that was formed through the idea that active people should wear identification as part of their gear when they were running or participating in outdoor activities. He'd been thinking about getting one for himself for his runs, but after our conversation, we agreed that it made sense for Essley and I to have them as well. So we went to their site, took a look around, and ordered one for each of us. Since we each have different needs (and styles), we each chose a different product. Robbie chose the Wrist ID sport in red, and added a badge that says "RUN" as motivation. I chose the Wrist ID Elite in black leather (because it looks like a stylish bracelet more than a fitness bracelet, which I love). And for Essley, we decided on a Wrist ID slim. We let her choose the color (red), and a badge (a heart, awww). For each of them, we were able to add crucial information that could genuinely save each of us in case of an emergency, including names and phone numbers, blood types, and known allergies.

I'm being serious when I say that you can't put a price on peace of mind, and these Road IDs have truly given us peace of mind. Robbie has loved using his on runs and now feels more comfortable running at night. For me, I feel more confident going out walking and have even been motivated to walk longer and farther. And it goes without saying that both Robbie and I feel better about everything Essley does - from dance lessons to school to playdates with friends to public outings with us. She loves her "fancy name bracelet" too, and keeps asking us when Emmett will be big enough to have one of his own. It's pretty endearing. We love how rugged and durable each of our Road IDs is too.  We actually ordered extra bands when we placed our order, because each us seems to possess the special talent of destroying things pretty quickly, but these are made well enough that I highly doubt we'll need them. And that's pretty great.

If you're parent and have the same fears as we do about your child being out and about without ID, or if you participate in activities outdoors, or if you just want extra peace of mind, I highly recommend Road ID products. They have more than just bands too - they have pieces that fit on your shoes, faceplates for sports watches, even ones for pet collars. We loves ours so much that we're ordering a few more for other family members as holiday gifts. And if you're thinking of getting one for yourself or as a holiday gift, from 11/24 through 11/28, take advantage of 20% off ALL Road ID products and gift cards, while supplies last! Woohoo!

What kinds of things help you feel peace of mind when it comes to your or your family safety? Do any of you own (and love!) a Road ID?

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  1. Ian and I are both runners, and we have conversations about running safety fairly often, particularly in the winter months, when one or both of us may well be running in pitch darkness (and rain, too.) As a woman, I don't think any amount of ID is really going to keep me safe when I run alone in the dark - it's just too dangerous. But for Ian, who works shifts, after dark runs are a reality and I am vigilant about making sure he carries some form of ID, which he frequently complains about. It sounds like Road ID would be a great solution for him!

  2. What a useful thing to have when out and about on your own! The little heart on Essley's is cute. Love the fist bump photo :)

  3. I actually bought one of these after I saw your Instagram post on them and I love it! Your family is adorable.


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