Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Our Go-To Easy Breakfasts

On the weekends when Robbie is home from the road and our family is all together, we absolutely love to make big, elaborate breakfasts together (or more accurately, watch our house chef Robbie make them, devour them, and then help clean up afterward). There is something so special about creating intentional time together on a lazy weekend morning, where we can slowly prepare, cook, and serve a morning meal. And getting to take our time eating the breakfast is the most wonderful part of all.

Now that I've describe this idyllic breakfast scenario, I'll come right out and tell you that, while quite lovely when it occurs, this realistically only happens maybe once a month, at best. I'm guessing most of you can relate. In fact I'm confident that reality (kids, jobs, activities, life) prevents these type of leisurely breakfasts from being a regular thing in most houses, not just ours. Those of you who are regular readers know from other posts about my morning routine that I'm lucky if I have time to brush my teeth (and again, I bet most of you can relate!). Fancy, slow, relaxed morning meals are saved for special occasions, and that's just life.

All of that said, I think it's important to at least attempt to put together delicious, wholesome breakfasts even on the rushed mornings - and thankfully, after some trial and error, I've discovered how to do that in a way that is easy and quick, but that goes a step further than scarfing down cereal or grabbing a bar on the way our the door. We really like to include fruit in our breakfasts, so the first thing I do is pick out a fruit or two to have the night before and get them washed and ready. If it's something that keeps well sliced, like apples or oranges, I'll cut them up the night before as well so they're ready to go. Then I make sure to have a couple of the new Farm Rich Bakery Products on hand in the freezer. As soon as I wake up I turn on the oven, then once we're all dressed I pop them in and in a few minutes, they're ready to go. I serve them with the fruit, some high-protein Greek yogurt, water or juice for the kids, and coffee for the grown ups, and we have a hot baked, filling breakfast in minutes. (I'll also say that it makes me feel like I'm a breakfast goddess/badass mom, despite the fact that I usually can't even cook scrambled eggs without ruining them. Truth.)

My personal favorite of these easy morning breakfasts is berries and blueberry scones with Greek yogurt. I heat up Farm Rich Bakery Blueberry Scones (which lucky for this scone lover are one of the first ready-to-eat frozen scone products available nationwide - and are so good on their own that I heat one up and eat it on my way out the door when I run errands several times a week), break them into bite sized pieces, and mix them with whatever berries we have on hand (usually strawberries and blueberries). Then I serve them topped with plain Greek yogurt. It's our take on a yogurt parfait, and it's genuinely one of my top breakfasts ever. And best of all, it's incredibly simples to throw together.

My other go-to easy breakfast idea (and this one is also Essley's and Robbie's favorites because, duh, it involves donuts) is hot baked cinnamon sugar donuts with fruit and Greek yogurt. I heat up Farm Rich Bakery Blueberry Scones (which I'm not even kidding you are the best donuts we've ever had - even better than our favorite local bakery's), slice up either oranges or apples (again, usually the night before), and serve them together with a side of plain Greek yogurt. This is yet another super tasty, satisfying breakfast that is ready in minutes and can be enjoyed quickly without a mess. Because the donuts are a sweet treat, we often enjoy them for dessert as well.

If your mornings are busy (we often use the word "frantic" around here) but, like me, you appreciate the importance of a genuinely delicious, filling breakfast, I highly recommend checking out Farm Rich Bakery products and keeping a few on hand to enjoy right from your freezer. (And here's a sweet coupon to print to save on them when you do!). Like I mentioned above with my on-the-go scone snacks, they can be enjoyed any time of day - whether during a rushed morning, an afternoon hunger strike, or even as an after meal treat. They offer items both sweet and savory, and they're always ready in minutes - you can't ask for much more than that when it comes to food. And in addition to the scones and cinnamon sugar donut holes that we love so much around here, they also French Toast Sticks, Chocolate Donut Holes and Sausage, Egg, and Cheese Pull Aparts - so there's really something for everyone. You can also sign up for the Farm Rich Loyalty Club to receive exclusive offers, news, quick recipes, snacking ideas and more right here.

What are you go-to easy breakfast ideas? Have you tried Farm Rich Bakery items yet?

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  1. Ah, the idyllic breakfast scenario... I can honestly say, we've been able to do it all of three times this entire year. Most often, I'm eating yogurt at my desk as I start my work day while Ian makes himself toast at work before the start of his day. Not very glamourous at all, but that's real life. That said, I'm very intrigued by the possibility of heat-and-eat scones! I'm going to have to hunt them down next time I cross the border :)

  2. This looks heavenly! I can only dream of having a breakfast like this with my boyfriend. When he is home, he sleeps super late while I wake up super early so we hardly ever have breakfast dinner. And I fully support any type of donut eating at Breakfast time! :)

  3. Yum! Do you like coconut yoghurt? I just bought a giant tub of it yesterday and it's sooo good! I had it with an experimental avocado chocolate mousse and crumbled oat and nut bar pieces.

  4. These are great ideas! Can't wait to try those doughtnuts.

  5. Your breakfast looks healthy, delicious and festive!


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