Monday, November 7, 2016

Thank You. So Much.

I know Halloween has been over for a week now (and most people have moved right on to the holiday season) - but I wanted to take a minute to thank all of you, and I figured I might as well include a few Halloween photos while I'm at it. (And yes, I told you all I was going to throw on a witch hat and call it good, but the witch hat wouldn't stay on my big head. Thank goodness for my sister, goddess of all things Halloween, and her massive stash of adult Halloween costumes. This 15 year old Tigger costume saved the day.)

And on to the topic of this post. Our lives changed at the beginning of August when our son Emmett was diagnosed with Infantile Spasms (the most dangerous and damaging form of childhood epilepsy) at 7 months old. While nothing has been quite the same since that day, we feel incredibly lucky for how well he is doing and all of the recent good news we've gotten regarding his particular situation, as I explained in this post a couple of weeks ago. I know I've said thank you in every update I've made about Emmett here, and even devoted another post to saying thanks a couple of months ago, but if there is anything I have learned throughout this ordeal, it's the importance of feeling and expressing gratitude.

Every single visit, phone call, letter, text, email, and comment we have received since all of this started has made a profound difference in our ability to get through this and stay positive. And the continued love and prayers we're getting mean more to us than I could ever properly express. So I just have to say it again. Thank you for being there when things were really bad. And thank you for being there now that things are in a good place. I don't do a lot of personal posts here, but I made the decision to share Emmett's story not only because it is such a huge part of our lives now, but also because I truly believe that collective positive energy makes a difference. And you, Bubby and Bean's readers, have been a part of that energy.

I'm always grateful at Thanksgiving time, but this year just blows it out of the water, man. Thank you guys. With all my heart.



  1. what sweet photos of your guys! and so happy to hear that Emmett is doing well :)

  2. Gratitude is so important and I think you continuing to express it even while in a good place with Emmett's illness says a lot. We will continue to send out good vibes in his adorable direction.

  3. I'm so glad he's doing well. He's still in my thoughts and prayers for continued success.

  4. Happy to hear that Emmett is doing well!! Your sister did a great job on the outfits. The kids looks adorable :)

  5. Your kids costumes are SO cute and classic! I am so happy Emmett is doing well and hope so much he stays in a good place and that the seizures never return.


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