Monday, December 19, 2016

A Holiday Gift List for My Hard-to-Buy-For Guy

Holiday Gift List for the Hard-to-Buy-For Guy

I've done a few gift guides this season, from winter accessories to nontoxic beauty products. And, because every year I stress over what to get Robbie, who is basically the hardest person ever for whom to buy holiday presents, I started to put a guide together that featured gifts for the hard-to-buy-for for dude. In the middle of composing that post, however, I had a thought - why not make things more personal and share some of the gifts I'll actually be giving Robbie? I mean, yes, they are specific gifts meant for his personality and the things he enjoys, but I figured sharing these items with you guys might inspire you to find the perfect last-minute gift for your own hard-to-buy-for partner, friend, or family member. (And yes, it might seem like I'm spoiling the surprise by displaying these gifts to the world days before Christmas, but let's be honest - he and I pretty much always know what we're giving each other in advance. I'm also hoping he's too busy this week to read the blog. Fingers crossed!)

I spend a lot of time each year coming up with ideas for gifts Robbie will actually use, and then I try to throw in a few fun and/or sentimental things as well. A gift card is usually one of the first items I buy - while not necessarily the most thoughtful present, there's no denying that it's practical and will be appreciated. I also like to grab him a couple of wearable items. We have very different styles (translation: he couldn't care less about fashion), so I, again, try to focus on the practical. This year I got him a pair of high quality running socks (he's a runner) and a basic black beanie. He's a coffee lover through and through, so I picked up a simple white mug filled with a bag of our favorite coffee from the Dominican Republic (which also has meaning, since we just visited there earlier this month). I would never attempt to buy him electronics or anything considered technological (I leave that up to him, since I admittedly have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to that stuff), but I did grab him a portable cell phone and iPad charger, since he travels so much for work and isn't always near an outlet. Robbie works in the music industry and music is his life, so I always get him some sort of music themed gift. This year I grabbed a couple of vintage records to add to his (ridiculously massive) vinyl collection, and a just-for-fun Beatles guitar ornament. I also picked up a couple of books I know he'd appreciate.

One of the gifts I'm most excited to give Robbie this year is also the most practical of the bunch (and practicality is something that I've found most hard-to-buy-for dudes I know appreciate) - the Armor All Car Care Gift Pack. Essley and I picked this up at Walmart a couple of weeks ago in the Automotive Center, and it contains everything Robbie will need to keep his car all clean and shiny. In this handy bucket is 16 fl oz of Ultra Shine Wash and Wax (hello lasting shine and protection, Quicksilver wheel and tire cleaner clings for powerful cleaning, 25ct glass wipes to help keep windows and mirrors free of filmy residue and fingerprints (hi, we have 2 kids under 3), 25ct cleaning wipes that are great for the whole car, a microfiber towel and sponge which are easy on the surface of the car, and Original Protectant to help prevent cracking, fading, discoloration and premature aging, and Extreme Tire Shine to condition, nourish, and preserve the tires' rich black look.  Oh, and the package also contains a Pro Secrets Booklet that has a coupon value of up to $13 off of Armor All Products, which is a fun extra bonus. Robbie is always using Armor All products on his car and I know he is going to be super stoked about this big ol' bucket of car cleaning goodness.

Who else has a hard-to-buy-for partner? What kind of gifts are you giving him or her this year? Any other Armor All fans out there? (If you or those on your list would appreciate this awesome all-in-one bucket of joy, take advantage of the $3 off digital coupon offer for the Armor All Car Care Gift Pack from Walmart, while supplies last!)

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  1. These are all great ideas and it's the perfect mixture of types of items. My guy is hard to buy for too. I usually get gift cards because of this!

  2. Ian and I have a different approach to the holidays every year. Since he's a chef, he's relatively easy to buy for - there is always a kitchen utensil that he needs replaced, or even (somewhat unbelievably) that he doesn't already have. But this year we're skipping gifts entirely, and choosing to focus on a big experience we have planned in the new year. A lot of people I've talked to think it's unusual but, well, so are we ;)

  3. The car cleaning set is a great idea! Books are always appreciated too :)

  4. This is such a great mix of gifts and the car care kit is exactly what I need for my brother. Thanks!


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