Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Spreading the Happy

Hey you guys! I hope all of you are enjoying the winter holidays and have been able to spend some time relaxing with family and friends. We had an absolutely wonderful Christmas (I'm pretty sure the kids had the best day of their lives), and today we're celebrating Essley's third birthday (something around which I can't even wrap my head; didn't I just have her?). We have all sorts of New Year and birthday celebrations coming up in the next few days as well. It's such a beautifully happy time of year in general, which is why I wanted to stop in today and share a really incredible project with you that is specifically focused on the concept of spreading happiness.

As most of you know (and likely agree with, because it is freaking delicious), I'm a big fan of Nutella. I adore it in crepes (the best thing I've ever tasted was a Nutella crepe in Paris), love spreading it on apples, and, in truth, could easily just sit down under a blanket and blissfully eat it with a spoon, right out of the container. But when I learned about their new, first-ever original content series titled "Spread the Happy," my fandom reached an all-time high. The series basically aims to inspire acts of sharing happiness everywhere, everyday - through different but equally awesome stories of people who inspire others through their talents, joyful spirit, or by committing acts of kindness in their communities. And I can confidently say that our world needs this more than ever right now.

While I'm going to share each of the videos below, because they're all amazing and the exact sort of thing we need to be watching as we enter a brand new year, my favorite is the first one, titled Brooklyn and Delvar. With my own little girl turning three today, I felt especially drawn to Brooklyn, the three year old in the video, who brings her local garbage man one of her cupcakes on her third birthday. Essley and I have watched the video a few times together, and she's really picked up on the message of the importance of treating people the way we wish to be treated - with kindness, respect, and friendship. It has genuinely inspired me to work with her to find ways to practice similar simple-but-powerful acts of sharing and kindness in our own community.

Pretty wonderful, right? And here are the other videos in the series, each of wish delivers a unique message of spreading happiness and joy to others:

In this video, the internationally known indie-pop band Echosmith, comprised of four siblings, shares their mission to spread love, joy and happiness through their music.

This video shares the inspirational story of Marty and Seon Burbank, who invest their money in the academic future of a kindergarten class.

A local youth group that teaches the importance of looking good, feeling good and doing good in this video. And founders Mr. Nelson and Mr. Joyner continue spreading the happy throughout their community, by inspiring boys of today to be better men tomorrow.

I hope these video inspire you as much as they have me, and that you're able to take that inspiration to spread the happy into 2017!

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