Tuesday, January 24, 2017

What I'm Wearing Now: January

Casual Winter Outfit Ideas
1. Midrise Distressed Skinny Jeans, The Outnet  // 2. Blanket Scarf, H&M  //  3. Plaid Flannel Shirt (currently on sale for $12.99), H&M  //  4. Classic Short Boots in Chestnut, UGG  //  5. Allie Leather Choker Necklace, Urban Outfitters  //  6. Chevron Coat in Black, Garnet Hill  //  7. Fold-Down Combat Boot, Rock & Candy   //  8.  Classic Date Black Watch, Lord (take 10% off with code BEAN)  //  9. Jersey Leggings, H&M  //  10. Lily Tote Diaper Bag, Newlie   //  11. Silver Hoop Earrings Set, H&M

Welcome to the first What I'm Wearing Now post of 2017! Exciting, isn't it? Okay, it's really not that exciting - because even though it's been two months since the last post in this series (I skipped December because it was intense, man, and I ran out of time), things look pretty similar, for the most part, to last time. There's a few different pieces, but there isn't anything all that innovative. I get much more excited about spring and summer wardrobes than I do winter, and it's just so freaking cold in Chicagoland that comfort and layers tend to ultimately win out over style during these month. So as you can see, neutral boots and oversized flannel and leggings have dominated - none of which are exactly fashion forward.

One semi-thrilling recent event involving my wardrobe is my joining a club to which I've been consistently, for years, sure I'd never join - Club UGG. I actually really love following trends (I mean, seriously, give me all the bell sleeves right now), but the UGG trend, which has been rising and falling repeatedly for a good 15 years now, never struck a chord with me. Eventually, I tried on a pair of my mother's (a long time UGG supporter) and I got it. So when my mother in law surprised me with this pair early this month - and in a style and color that was so unique from other pairs I'd seen - I was seriously stoked. I've been wearing them pretty much everyday since. You can't beat them for comfort in Chicago in January, period.

Other than my big ugly boots, I've been wearing a whole lot of this coat and this blanket scarf (currently on sale for $12.99), and yes, once again, this dress (on clearance for $19 right now!). I honestly don't think I've ever worn so much flannel or so many freaking shirt dresses in my life, but hey - if it ain't broke... I've also been back to rocking the skinny jeans for the first time in forever. I love my flares, but they don't work quite as well with either UGG boots or the dirty, wet snow that tends to line the streets and sidewalks this time of year.

While the coming weeks will likely involve a lot of the same pieces you see here, we are planning our annual trip to Arizona for either late next month or in March, which always gets me out of the winter style mehs and feeling inspired for warmer weather clothes.  Sometimes it takes a vacation and/or extreme change in climate to break out of a fashion slump, and I have a feeling by the end of February, I'm going to need just that.



  1. Your style may not feel innovative to you, but let's be honest - we all wear the same things on repeat regularly because we love them and they work. And that's a good thing. Personally, I've never been in the Ugg club mainly because I find they don't have enough grip on the soles, but I've had a few pairs of the years and I can't deny that their warmth is perfect for this time of year.

  2. That blanket scarf is everything! Honestly I want your entire wardrobe. ;)

  3. Love the jeans. And that coat looks SO warm!

  4. We've been experiencing the coldest winter...I wouldn't dare go out without one of my thick woolly sweaters!
    Love the jeans :)


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