Thursday, February 16, 2017

Moving Inspiration: Back At It

Inspiring spaces, from top: 1. Apartment Therapy  //  2. Urban Outfitters  //  3. Amanda Barnes Interiors  //  4. Style Lovely  //  5. Elizabeth Roberts  //  6. My Unfinished Home  //  7. The Design Files  //  8. Domino Mag  //  9. Planete-Deco  //  10. Nordic Design

Some of you may remember our Moving Inspiration series that I started over a year and a half ago when we first decided it was time to move out of our townhouse and into something bigger. We ran into all kind of obstacles that prolonged the process and made it more challenging than it probably needed to be - everything from me dealing with third trimester health issues and then caring for a newborn and toddler with Robbie on the road to Emmett getting diagnosed with Epilepsy to just having a hard time finding something we could afford in this area that didn't need a lot of work. (Because as much as I love DIY projects and design, our reality doesn't exactly allow for the time needed to invest in a fixer upper.) My last installment in that series was in July of 2016, right before we gave up on house hunting for a while.

Well, we're finally back at it and are very actively looking right now, so it seemed like the perfect time to pick the series back up again as well. I've been spending lots of late nights on Pinterest drooling over pretty rooms in an effort to get inspired and motivated again after so many set backs. Today, rather than focusing on an individual area like I normally do, I'm just sharing some of my favorite spaces in general that I've come across lately. Despite all of the stresses that go along with looking for a new home, the buying process, and moving, I'm excited to finally find a place that works for our family of four. (This little townhouse just ain't cuttin' it with a 3 year old and a 1 year old, man.)

Have any of you moved recently or are you in the process of house hunting? Did it take anyone else like forever to finally make it happen?



  1. After moving fifteen times I'm done with it! We are looking at a complete renovation of our cottage sometime in the future,though :)
    The best of luck with house hunting!

  2. Being that I'm in the midst of yet another move, I totally know where you're at - but I try to remind myself it's ultimately worth it, which usually involves scanning pinterest for home inspirations that my home will never, in my wildest dreams, resemble because I am just not that organized ;)

    1. Same girl. My home will never look like these photos. But pretending it will makes the thought of moving a little more appealing. :) -M

  3. I'm so glad you're bringing this series back and I think you've had more than enough reason to have had to take a break from house hunting! Excited though that you're looking again, I can't wait to see what you get.


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