Thursday, March 30, 2017

Links I Love, Right Now

Bubby and Bean Links I Love

Links I Love posts usually only happen once a month, if that, around here, and always on Fridays. And here we are on Thursday, and it's the second LIL this month. I feel so rebellious.

The reason for posting again this month is simply that I've come across a lot of great links this week (and it would be totally rude to keep them to myself, right?). And I'm posting this today rather than tomorrow because the kids and I are heading up to Milwaukee in a couple of hours to meet my husband at work. The band is playing three shows up there starting tonight, and since it's less than a couple of hours away, we thought it would be fun to bring the kids tonight so they can dance at soundcheck, eat dinner with daddy, catch a couple songs of the show, then spend a night away in a fancy hotel and have breakfast and lunch together before heading home tomorrow. And then tomorrow evening begins my stepmom's huge birthday party weekend extravaganza, and we're excited. There are literally dozens of people flying in from all over the country for it, and all sorts of activities planned. She is Swedish so the whole thing is Swedish themed. So fun. I'm sure I'll be sharing lots of live moments over in my Instagram stories, both of the kids' hang-with-daddy-at-work band adventures and the super huge special Swedish birthday celebrations. Because I'm a sharer, and stuff.

And now that I've spent half the post rambling, here are the links I'm loving, right now:

Hey fellow old parents of young kids! This article says that there are all sorts of surprising benefits to having kids later in life. Now it all makes sense why Essley and Emmett are so tall...

These desert inspired desktop wallpapers are getting me so excited for our Arizona trip. Just a few more days, guys.

I really love this piece on the 5 principles of the slow design movement. The idea of letting your home grow with you especially resonates with me. We're going to have a decorating budget pretty freaking close to zero once we finally move (yes, we're still looking, but it is happening, and very soon), so our design process will be very slow and deliberate - and I'm glad.

I basically want everything from Free People's new Think Big Collection. (Including the wide-legged, super comfy looking pants in the top image of this post. You can get a better view of them right here.)

Yay! The Fearless Girl statue is sticking around for longer than planned. She'll stay face to face with Wall Street's charging bull through February 2018.

You hear about postpartum depression all the time, but what about prenatal depression? With both of my pregnancies, but especially my first (Essley), I had frequent panic attacks in the second and third trimesters (out of nowhere, for no reason) and some short bouts of depression as well. And I felt completely fine after giving birth, and (thank goodness) never had any issues at all with PPD. I love this piece that talks about one woman's experience with it. I could relate on many levels.

These beet dyed deviled eggs are so pretty, and perfect for Easter.

Can you correctly spell these spelling bee words?

I recently posted about my favorite throw pillows and covers (all under $20), but this one, which would have been my #1, was not yet available. I almost never use the word obsessed, but I'm kind of obsessed. With a throw pillow cover. Yeah. I mean, that print though! That color! That price! (It's available for $12.99 right here.)

While I never turn down a good piece of cake, these blooming flower cakes, created to celebrate the arrival of spring, are too gorgeous to eat. They just are incredible.

What are you up to this weekend? I'll see you back here on Monday!



  1. Oh my goodness, those blooming flowers cakes are too pretty! Have an amazing time in Milwaukee - and happy birthday to your stepmom, sounds like you have a pretty fun weekend ahead :)

  2. That prenatal depression interview is so interesting. My sister had similar issues and felt alone. Those cakes are amazing! It sounds like you have a jam packed weekend, I'll be stalking on Instagram hahaha

  3. Oh my gosh, these links are awesome. That spelling bee words link was really great, and so fun! Thanks for sharing


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