Tuesday, March 28, 2017

What I'm Wearing Now: March

Late Winter Wardrobe Essentials
1. Mid-Rise Distressed Skinnies (over 50% off right now!), The Outnet  //  2.  Magic Braid Crossbody Bag, Lucky Brand  //  3. Flannel Plaid Shirt Dress (sold out), Target  //  4. Jersey Leggings, H&M //  5.  Denice Strapped Booties in Black, Madden Girl  //  6.  Chevron Coat in Black, Garnet Hill  //  7. Silver Hoop Earrings Set, H&M  //  8. Classic Short Boots in Chestnut, UGG  //  9. Lily Tote Diaper Bag, Newlie  //  10. Classic Date Black Watch, Lord Timepieces (take 10% off with code BEAN)  

I had high hopes for March's What I'm Wearing Now post, after an impressive stretch of unseasonably warm weather at the beginning of the month. I envisioned four solid weeks of flowing bohemian dresses and perhaps even the occasional sandal, with the need for no more than a denim jacket when I ventured outside. Alas, winter decided to give us a massive middle finger on its way out, with three inches of snow and freezing temperatures just in time to welcome spring. So this month doesn't look a whole lot different than last in terms of key wardrobe pieces. It's been mostly layers and boots and winter coats again, but I'm thinking positive and know that it will feel especially satisfying to trade them out in the coming weeks.

The dirty snow covering the ground has mostly forced me to hang up my flared jeans and go back to skinnies and my favorite leggings this month, but that has just meant more quality time with my frenemies the UGG boots, aka the shoes I always said I would never wear that now cover my feet on most days. And speaking of pieces I used to think weren't my style that I now embrace, this coat has continued to be a part of my everyday closet, in all of its puffy glory. (It's probably the first winter coat ever that I will be mildly sad to say goodbye to for the season.) Also an everyday occurrence this month has been me rocking hoop earrings (like this pair which was less than $5). I can't get enough. And after taking a self imposed break from my beloved Target flannel plaid shirt dresses (sadly they're no longer available to buy, so no link) that I've admittedly worn so much this winter it's borderline embarrassing, I've brought them back into rotation. One of them has even developed a hole in the side seam and I'm still wearing it. No shame.

Next week we head to Arizona, so regardless of Chicago's completely unpredictable weather, April will include at least a few pieces of my beloved summer wardrobe. Stay tuned, friends.



  1. Love your style! Can't wait to see what you wear in Arizona.

  2. I love that small crossbody back, so cute! Love everything here actually. I'm so ready to put away my winter coat too.

  3. March is the worst month for getting dressed, honestly. I'm always so over winter by February, but winter does not end in February. By March I've worn all my winter clothes a thousand times - and that's often when those last storms hit and things get even worse. Here's hoping there's lots of sunshine coming your way! (But in case there isn't, yay for Arizona! The lack of sun in Paris is a big part of the reason we escaped to Barcelona.)


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