Thursday, May 25, 2017

4 Mama Daughter Eyewear Looks for Summer

4 Mama Daughter Eyewear Looks for Summer

I'm going to start this post (sort of) off-topic and say that one major thing I've learned as a parent is that you're not likely to do things the way you think you're going to do them. I mean, I was absolutely certain my kids would never use iPads (until they were much older), that they would never eat sugar or even non-organic foods, and that the kids wouldn't sleep in our bed. (Let's just say that none of these things have gone as planned, and I totally cool with it.) I was also sure I would never do the "mommy and me" dressing thing with Essley. And while we don't dress alike the majority of the time, she has been big into wanting to wear "matching things" lately, and I've been pleasantly surprised at how much fun that is for me as well.

Most recently, Essley has been fascinated by my glasses, and asking to get glasses of her own. (While you guys mostly see photos of me in contact lenses, I actually wear glasses most of the time.) So when the opportunity arose for Ess and I to get several pairs of super cute, just-for-fun matching frames from Visionworks to wear as accessories showcasing four different spring/summer eyewear trends, we were both really excited. And today I'm sharing some photos from these different looks with you, taken on a few different occasions over the last couple of weeks.

Look 1: Pretty in Pink. My daughter and I may have a lot in common in terms of what we like, but when it comes to colors, we are on opposite sides of the fence. I'm a neutrals girl, and she is all sparkles and 100% pink. She stops strangers to tell them pink is her favorite color, and if she had it her way, every single item in her wardrobe would be a shade of that color. So it only makes sense that her favorite pairs of our matching frames are these pink-embellished beauties from Chelsea Morgan and Visionworks. I admittedly only own one pink clothing item - this tunic/dress I picked up at a Free People in Arizona last year - but I love it, and it's the perfect piece to pair with these sweet, feminine frames. And Essley's pink dress (one of many she owns) goes perfectly with them as well.

Look 2: Shopping Chic. When we have a mama daughter day and I ask Essley what she'd like to do, she often suggests the library or the park - but more times than not, she says "lets go shopping!" And I am admittedly always up for that. Essley is hilarious about her shopping dates - she always has to carry a purse, put on pretend makeup, and wear her sunglasses. My personal favorite pairs of matching Visionworks frames are these babies from Guess. They're super chic and make us feel all fancy, even when our shopping excursion is just a grocery store run.

Look 3: Summer's a Breeze. Essley and I are both big fans of summertime, and when I told her we were going to have a summer-inspired adventure on a warm day last week and explore outside looking for dandelions and flowers, she was thrilled. She asked if we could both wear our "summer whites" dresses and matching boho fringe sandals, and I happily obliged. We also decided to accessorize with our summery blue Chelsea Morgan frames from Visionworks. I loved how the tropical blue arms popped against our white outfits. We're both excited to wear these pretty matching frames all summer long.

Look 4: Always On-Trend Tortoise. When it comes to eyewear, I have always been a tortoise shell fan. It's classic, it's neutral, and it looks good on everyone. My daughter, on the other hand, likes her frames to have a little more personality. And that's why our Vera Bradley frames from Visionworks - which feature explosions of colorful wildflowers on the inside of their tortoise frames - are the perfect combo for both of us. We like to pair these on-trend frames with our favorite on-trend dresses - these pretty patterned, off the shoulder numbers.

Okay, let's hear it. Who else secretly (or not so secretly) loves twinning with their little ones? Anyone else have matching eyewear? If not, I highly suggest heading over to your local Visionworks. They've got the largest selection in the industry, which means you're sure to find the perfect fashion-forward frames to go with your and your babe's personal styles!

This post is in partnership with Visionworks. Thank you for supporting the brands that help make Bubby and Bean possible.



  1. Omg you two are the cutest. I hope I have a little girl someday so we can twin like this!

  2. Love your adorable matching outfits and frames! You take "twinning" to a whole new level with your great style! My mom and I got to do matching 80s...not so cool...LOL!

  3. I love all of these outfits and glasses and am totally doing this with my niece. :)

  4. Omg! I love all of y'all outfits! Your content is so amazing as well! Thank you for sharing love

  5. This is so adorable! My Mum used to dress us in matching outfits.

  6. I love your cute mommy & me outfits! Since I wear glasses most of the time too I have three different pairs, depending on my mood :) My oldest is a tortoise one. I really like the frames you are wearing in the first photo!

  7. you guys look like you're having so much fun together - so sweet


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