Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Let's Make Some Summertime Cakes

8 Cake Recipes for Summertime

I'm actually majorly limiting my sugar right now, but I have had a serious cake craving lately. I don't bake often, but I do go through phases where I feel randomly motivated to make all the sweets, and I'm in one right now. These are all cake recipes I've discovered lately that I feel inspired to recreate. I don't even have an occasion - I just want to make them. They're all sort of summery and floral and just feel right for this time of year. And it doesn't hurt that they look really, really pretty too.

Do you have a favorite cake recipe? If so, please share!



  1. These all look delicious! I'll be making a similar one with strawberries, as it's my husband's birthday tomorrow :)

  2. I don't bake. Like, ever. In fact, we haven't eaten much in the way of refined sugar since late in 2014 - although I make exceptions when we're in Paris because pastry. But staying with my parents, it's another matter entirely. There seems to be a different cake around here every day! I admit that none of them look quite as lovely as these ones, but I also admit that I have enjoyed all the indulgence... ;)

  3. Oh man, these all look so good. I might be super inspired to motivate myself to make on this weekend......

  4. I haven´t baked anything in ages. I wonder which one it is you´ll make. Whatever it is you choose, enjoy! Both making and eating :-)


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