Monday, July 17, 2017

Deep Thoughts on Summertime

I feel like summer always flies by because it's my favorite season (and times flies when you're in a state of seasonal bliss), but I'm genuinely in awe that July is more than half way over. We've been traveling quite a bit this season - we went to California last month and on a mini lake town getaway this past week, and we're going to Indianapolis this week, and then up to Door County in Wisconsin at the beginning of August. I've also been working a lot, the kids have had a lot of activities (dance, yoga, soccer, swimming), we're (still!) house hunting, and Robbie has his usual busy summer schedule on the road. So maybe all of the traveling and activities and plans are making it pass by even more quickly than usual. Or maybe what they say about time going more and more quickly as you get older really is true. Regardless, as I look back at photos on my phone of my kids enjoying summer adventures (some of which I'm sharing above), I can already sense myself longing for these days in the future. My paradise is one where summer is endless. For me, it's truly the most wonderful time of the year.



  1. I truly do think our perception of how quickly time passes changes as well get older. I usually spend half of the first six months of the year thinking it's still January, the way time flies by now. The best we can do is savour the few moments of quite reflection we have in between all the activity, I think :) And enjoy everything for the little time it lasts.

  2. I thought June was over in no time, but July seems to fly by pretty fast too! It's great to see your kids having so much fun at crafts and outdoor activities :) The yoga pic is cute!

  3. I love these pictures so much, and feel the same way about summer that you do.

  4. Nothing compares to having that moment where your favorite season starts and you feel the weather and the mood shift... for me it's winter personally, summer was always a bit weird for me. But either way, this feeling is incredible. My paradise is where winter is endless haha <3


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