Monday, August 21, 2017

That End of Summer Style

The best pieces for late summer + early fall

You guys know that I don't get excited about fall the way most other people (especially bloggers) do. My dream is one of endless summer, and that includes endless summer clothing. But there is something to be said for that late summer/early fall harvest moon sort of style vibe, which I happen to think is perfectly exemplified by the pieces you see above - all of which I'm coveting, in a big way.

Do you guys know what I mean about that certain type of style that sort of defines this time of year? (Or is this something I'm totally making up in my own head?) Which piece is your favorite?



  1. I feel like the end of summer is when I get most into summer style. I think its because it's just slightly cooler - I'm not great in extreme temperatures of any kind, and in my perfect world, it's always 15 degrees Celsius - but still sunny and beautiful. Sleeves are occasionally appropriate but sandals are, too. Style does change at this time, and it's my favourite summer; this is actually when I buy most of my summer clothes, as counterintuitive as that seems. Most of these looks are more colourful than I normally go for, but I do love three and four :)

  2. I want everything here! And I get what you mean exactly about the end of summer type of style, it's my favorite too.

  3. I'm not too thrilled about summer ending either. Nice selection here! My fave is #5 :)


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