Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Dressing for My Days With Style and Sustainability

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It's interesting how as I've gotten older and my life has changed, one thing has, at its core, remained the same - my style. Since high school, I've been drawn to casual, minimal designs (usually with hints of boho) that incorporate natural fibers as much as possible. Like most of us, I've certainly had my extreme phases where I attempted (and usually failed) to dress outside of my fashion comfort zone, especially in those "I'm finding myself" years. And details of my style have, as with everyone else, evolved with the times. But in the end, that same core style has remained the foundation of my wardrobe.

That said, even while remaining true to my style, there is one thing about getting dressed that has changed since I've become a mother and have had to learn how to squeeze an abundance of different types of activities into each day - and that's how I dress for my days. While I continue to choose apparel that is what I consider to be my style (and what I consider to be stylish!), I am also careful to focus on pieces that will work for whatever my day (or night) may bring. I also attempt to make environmentally and socially conscious choices in terms of what I wear.

As those of you who read here regularly know, my days vary considerably from one to the next. I'm a full time work from home mama to kids who are under four, my husband works on the road for a band and is gone close to half the year, my little ones are involved in school/ballet/soccer/gymnastics,  I have my own activities (from yoga classes to errands to nights out with girlfriends), and we travel often. Each day is different, but always full. And that means I need apparel that can work for all of this (and again, allow me to still feel stylish) without the need for me to put a lot of time or thought into getting dressed.

The outfit I'm wearing in the photos you see is one of my current go-tos and a perfect example of my daily "uniform." Both the jeans and the sweater are from one of my long-time favorite companies, prAna, and they're both perfect examples of what I consider to be my ideal way to dress. The Kara Jean is made from an organic stretch blend denim, which means it moves with me, no matter what my body is doing - whether it's a quick 5 minute yoga stretch session on my deck in between work projects, or pulling a 1.5 year old toddler boy down from high places he shouldn't be (which happens a lot in this house). They're incredibly comfortable, but also fit perfectly, are made well, and they're chic - meaning I can put them on in the morning, get through everything I have going on that day, and then wear them out to meet my friends for a glass of wine. And the same can be said for the Loveland Wrap (also made from organic cotton). I can put it on in the morning over a loose tee as a cozy sweater, wear it comfortably all day, and then pair it with a fitted top and some jewelry for a date night with my husband, or throw it on at the airport before hopping on a plane. An outfit like this is the definition of my perfect personal style - simple, free-spirited, in style without being too trendy (there's nothing fun - or responsible - about having to get rid of a piece of clothing after one season), well made, versatile, and sustainable.

Speaking of sustainability, there is something else that is becoming increasingly important to me when it comes to dressing for my days - and that's consciousness in clothing. It's actually been important to me for a long time, but thinking about my children and seeing the devastating things that are happening to a planet they're inheriting has reminded me just how significant it is. Not everything in my closet is conscious - but over time, more and more of it is becoming so. Some of you know that I owned and designed for an eco-friendly clothing company for many years. Because of this, I have a great deal of knowledge about the fast fashion industry and how wasteful it can be. I also know how the production of conventional fabrics and materials harms the environment. And I've learned how choosing inexpensive, poorly made garments that end up in landfills after a season, rather than high quality clothing pieces that last for years, is not only a bad choice for our wallets over time, it can also be detrimental to the planet and to the workers who often make them in horrific conditions. And this is yet another reason I love prAna. They create beautiful, consciously manufactured clothing designs that are crafted from sustainable fabrics (organic cotton, hemp, and recycled poly) and that are fair trade certified (watch this awesome video to learn more about this) - and they consistently give back through both local communities and international charities. They genuinely give more than they take. And this is a value that I want to be able to include in the everyday parts of my life - like through what I choose to wear each day - so I can be confident that I'm not only being true to myself, but also doing my small part to make a positive difference in the state of the world while setting a good example for my kids.

This is how I dress for my days. (And my nights!) I remain true to my style, I choose clothing that is pretty but practical and versatile for my busy, unpredictable life, and I try to make responsible shopping decisions by choosing pieces that are made in a way that will help - not hurt - the earth and its inhabitants. And if you're like me and appreciate these qualities when it comes to getting dressed, you'll love prAna's line of clothing and accessories. (Pssst... Here's a killer coupon code to save 15% off prAna's website, good today through November 22nd: F17CGMW Woohoo!)

What about you guys? How do you dress for the everyday? What's most important to you when choosing pieces for your closet?

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  1. I love your cardigan! I have a 9 month old so I'm living day by day too (and wearing cardigans and other comfy basics) your cardigan would be such a perfect staple for me! ^_^

  2. I love that you've totally managed to retain a style that is you in motherhood - it's no easy feat! And I absolutely love that clutch.

  3. Both the sweater and the jeans are soooo cute and I love that they're eco friendly!

  4. Love your sweater! This look is perfect for fall!

    xo, Patty

  5. Love the cardigan and how you styled it. One of my favorite denim brand is DSTLD since sustainable company.

  6. The green cardigan is a YOUR COLOR! gorgeous

  7. That cardigan is so pretty on you! I love the color!

  8. I need to check prAna out! All of their designs are the cutest!

    xo, Alicia | AliciaTenise.com

  9. The brown boots are my favorite and the long green cardi. You look great!

  10. i love sustainable clothing! And this look is stunning!! Great blog post!

  11. I love your cardi! Such a cozy oversized staple for fall!

  12. You look amazing in your daily uniform!

    xx - Stuart

  13. love this look!

    Sabrina | http://gypsytan.com

  14. I love your style, Melissa! I hear you about the issues on fast fashion. These days I prefer comfortable, well-made, eco-friendly basics. I love playing around with accessories/jewelry though :)


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