Thursday, September 14, 2017

Moving Inspiration: It's Finally Happening

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Remember that moving inspiration series I started, like, two years ago? Yep, that one. We'd just gotten approved for our loan, I was pregnant with Emmett, and we were on the hunt for our very first single family home after living in a townhouse for many years. I decided to start a series here where I shared interiors I'd discovered online, room by room, as a way to get inspired and pumped to decorate our soon-to-be new home. We had some trouble finding homes we liked (translate: didn't need massive amounts of work) in our budget in the (admittedly expensive) area where we live, but we kept the series going as we continued to search. And then, life happened. In a two year period, there were so many serious illnesses (including our own son) and deaths in our immediate family, on top of the regular craziness of having another baby and Robbie's tour schedule with the band and my work schedule and just regular life stuff, that buying a new home just got pushed back, again and again. Until now. It's a long story, but we have less than a month to find a home and seal the deal. And I'm pretty nervous about it, because as of right now, there isn't much available. But I want to stay positive about it (I'm gonna manifest the perfect house, damn it; or at least one that we don't completely hate) - so here I am, back at this series.

Today I'm not focusing on a specific room. I'm just sharing some interiors I find particularly beautiful. They're spaces that make me feel inspired to create something we love out of whatever we're given. Each of them has something that reminds me that even if it's not ideal, wherever we end up will be ours (with a yard for my kids, please universe), and that's good enough. Hopefully the next post in this series will be a really happy one where I'm telling you guys how we found a home we really like. In the meantime, we'll take any good vibes you have to send our way.



  1. House hunting is so stressful, especially when there is a fixed timeline involved. But I'm sure there is a place out there that, while perhaps not perfect, you will be able to make into the kind of space your family live a wonderful life. Of course, if it looked like any of these inspiration images, that wouldn't hurt, either ;)

  2. I am pretty happy with my home, but I wouldn't mind having a bedroom looking like the one in the third photo! Keeping my fingers crossed that you'll come across a lovely place soon.

  3. Lovely spaces! Best of luck with your house hunting. We can't wait until we're able to purchase a home instead of living in a rented apartment. Almost every week we browse for sale listings where we'll be this time next year and fantasize about being homeowners!

  4. Oh wow, I'll sure be sending so many of those good vibes! Good luck on that search (and I loved pics 2 and 7, beautiful!).


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