Tuesday, November 21, 2017

10 Gifts For Kids That Give Back

10 Gifts For Kids That Give Back

1. St. Jude Cupcake Ornament $10.50 - For every St. Jude Ornament purchased, Pottery Barn Kids donates 50% of the price directly to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital® to help support research and treatment for childhood cancer and other life-threatening diseases. I love that. This cute cupcake makes the perfect stocking stuffer.

2. Navy Light Bursts Tiny TOMS Kids Shoes $36 - With every pair of shoes your purchase, TOMS will give a new pair of shoes to a child in need. These are my current favorites for kids. I think I'll get Essley a pair for Christmas, and a pair of these for Emmett.

3. Tegu Magbot Magnetic Wooden Block Set $30 - The magnetic wooden blocks that make up this set are crafted from sustainably harvested wood - and for every one tree Tegu harvests, they plant hundreds more! Tegu is also bringing world-class employment standards to Central America by paying their employees a living wage and prioritizing long-term career growth and development.  Emmett is getting this super cool robot under the tree this year.

4. Tegu Magnetic Wooden Block Set $30-$110 - See # 3 directly above to read about how this amazing company helps the world. Kids love these super cool block sets, which help support all sorts of brain and motor skill development.

5. Cloud b TwilightTurtle Night Light $33 - Since 2011, Cloud b has worked with the MaxLove Project to distribute approximately $250,000 worth of Twilight Turtles to kids fighting cancer and diseases around the world. This would be perfect for any baby, toddler, or child's room. And the projected stars are the coolest! It also comes in 3 colors.

6. Green Toys Recycling Truck $19 - Made from 100% recycled plastic. I am a huge fan of this brand and everything they do to remain eco-conscious. Emmett actually already has this but I'm thinking of getting one for a friend's daughter.

7. One World Play Project Soccer Ball $39-$74 - For every ball purchased, One World donates a second ball to an organization that enables play for youth living in disadvantaged communities. These balls are also nearly indestructible, never need a pump, never go flat even when punctured.

8. Green Toys Tea Set $19 - Made from 100% recycled plastic. Again, I just love this brand and their commitment to the environment. (Plus you can throw them in the dishwasher to clean!). And this tea set is absolutely adorable. I'm getting one for Essley.

9. Yoobi Look On The Bright Side Mini Highlighter Markers $11 - For every Yoobi item purchased, they donate one Yoobi school supply item to support kids in need across the U.S. Both my kids love coloring with markers, so they'll each be a getting a set of these.

10. Cuddle & Kind Hudson the Polar Bear $48/$68 - For every doll sold, Cuddle & Kind give 10 meals to children in need. Every single one of their dolls and animals are both adorable and incredibly well made, but this one is my current favorite.

I mentioned in Friday's post how my kids and I have a yearly tradition of going through their toys and choosing some to donate to children in need. But I want to take things a step further this year and make more conscious decisions about the gifts I'm buying for them as well. I started thinking about the companies that make kids' products that "give back" in some way - whether they donate to charities, make toys/clothing with the environment in mind, promote social justice, or make a difference on some level - and decided that is where I want to give my dollars when holiday shopping for my little ones this year. I ended up finding so many wonderful options, so I thought I'd share them with you. I hope you find something you love from this list for your kids (or yourself!) too.

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  1. I like companies that give back! That robot is very cute and Emmett will love it :)

  2. While I am not a kid, and don't really have any in my life, I have to say that the visual appeal of that magnetic block set is real - and I am tempted to find a child, any child, to give it to ;) It's wonderful to see companies working for more than just profit.

  3. This is so wonderful! Lots of great ideas for my nephew and niece. :)

  4. That cupcake ornament is too stinkin cute!!

  5. What a wonderful idea for holiday shopping this year!

  6. It is so difficult for me to buy kids for my nieces and nephews What great ideas!!!!

  7. love the idea of buying things that give back!

  8. I struggle with kid gifts. What a great guide!


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