Tuesday, November 14, 2017

12 Stylish Holiday Decor Pieces Under $25

12 Stylish Holiday Decor Pieces Under $25
1. LED Block Candle Set ($12.99)  |  2. Star and Tree Wood Ornaments ($5.99)  |  3. Vintage Style Mercury Glass Ornaments ($4.50)  |  4. Pinecone Grapevine Weather ($24.99)   |  5. All Is Calm Cushion Cover ($5.99)  |  6. Grey Paper Ornaments ($5.99)  |  7. Santa Decoration ($24.99)  |  8. Birch Tree Garland ($10.00)  |  9. Cedar Pine Garland ($19.99)  |  10. Organic Cotton Holiday Placemat ($4.99)  |  11. Gold Glitter Pillar Candle ($5.99)  |  12. Organic Cotton Holiday Tea Towel ($4.99)

We thought we'd be in our new house by the holidays, and I had all sorts of ideas in my head about getting some pretty new decor items to celebrate. When our contract fell through, I dramatically told myself there was just no point in even decorating this year. (Imagine my hand delicately placed on my forehead, woe-is-me style.) Thankfully, I snapped out of that quickly, and decided that even though we'll more than likely still be in the townhouse in December, that doesn't mean I can't get a few small, affordable pieces of new holiday decor this year. The items you see above are some of my favorites. I'm thinking I'll get #5 and #8 today.

Where are your favorite places to find style holiday decor items that won't break the bank?



  1. It's been a few years since we've decorated for the holidays. After a terrible year wherein our Christmas tree, along with almost everything else in our home, got infested with fleas from a neighbour's dog, I simply haven't had the heart to repurchase decorations. I have a few lone Christmas ornaments, but never a tree to hang them on - and honestly, I'm pretty happy this way, even though all of the pieces in this selection are lovely.

  2. Everything here is so beautiful! I love the tea towel and place mats!

  3. Loving the decor ideas for the holidays. I need to update my current pieces with your ideas!

  4. Love everything you picked out, but my favourites are the garland and gnome.

  5. Hello
    Beautiful selection!
    and wonderful items.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Enjoy your week!

  6. Great choice of items! they all look so classy and add that special holiday feel to any home.


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