Thursday, December 28, 2017

Hello, 2018

Happy 2018

I just had to stop in during this (much appreciated) week off to say happy (almost) New Year! We still have a few days left, I know, but with Essley's birthday (today!) and me heading out of town to meet Robbie in Denver for the band's New Year run, I knew if I didn't sent you guys my New Year's wishes now, it wouldn't happen. And it's important to me to do this every year, because you are the reason Bubby and Bean exists. Truly! We are going on 7 years now (!), and the reason for that is the support of our readers. You guys made 2017 our best year ever, by far.

On a personal level, so many absolutely wonderful things have happened for us this year. Emmett's Infantile Spasms diagnosis was dropped in April, and he spent the entire year seizure free. If he goes 8 more months without a seizure, his epilepsy diagnosis will be dropped as well. That's major. He's doing incredibly well, an learning so much everyday. Essley entered into (and is loving) her second year of preschool, and has been doing great in ballet, tap, gymnastics, and soccer. We traveled to Arizona and California as a family this year, and went on countless road trips through the midwest. And we finally bought our first single family home this month. We're thrilled to be able to start 2018 in our new home.

This year was also an incredibly difficult one. We lost my stepdad Tom to lung cancer on January 28th. We miss him so much, especially right now during the holidays. It's not easy. My stepmom was also diagnosed with ovarian cancer in June, but was (thank you universe!) told she is currently cancer free after many months of chemotherapy and major surgery. And one of my best friends of the last 22 years was diagnosed with ALS in April. I have never talked about that here, but it's brutal. I love him with all of my heart and feel devastated that I live 2000 miles away and can't help more. For all of you who have experienced hardships in 2017, I'm sending you love and holding you in my heart.

2016 and 2017 were not my favorite years. But I have faith in 2018. I really do. And even in the darkness, there is so much light. I try to wake up every morning with gratitude for all of the joy I have in my life. My mother in law saw something somewhere about a child who, along with her/his dad, said every morning, "I am happy, alive, and kind." I think that is pretty much the best mantra ever, and I will be saying it myself everyday in 2018.

Whatever your plans, I hope you enjoy your New Years celebrations! I can't wait to celebrate with my husband and hundreds of friends in Denver. See you next year, dear friends!

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  1. Wishing you and your family nothing but good things for 2018, Melissa! It's always a pleasure to read along with your adventures on Bubby and Bean, and I can't wait to see where this new year will take you.

  2. It has been a tough year for you guys, but what amazing news about Emmett! Happiest of New Years and wishing you an amazing 2018

  3. Must keep in mind that mantra - it's awesome! So happy that Emmett is doing great! Somehow I missed the news about your new house... Congratulations :) Wishing you the very best for 2018!


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