Monday, February 5, 2018

Pink, White, and Grey Little Girl's Room

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Let me just start out by saying that I never thought a day would arrive when I would consider decorating a room in pink, much less actually putting pink paint on the walls. I remember stating firmly and repeatedly while pregnant with Essley that despite her being a girl, I would never give into the gender stereotypes of pink or glitter or ruffles. Her nursery was grey and white with pops of primary colors. I did not purchase a single pink outfit for her. Pink was not happening.

Then Essley got a mind of her own, and was adamant (from the age of 18 months, mind you) that there was one color for her and one color only. That color, my friends, was pink.

When we first moved into our new home last month, Essley was insistent on having the bedroom that is currently (though not for long) painted hot pink. Unfortunately, since we decided to use a queen size bed in her room, she needed to take the bigger one, which is (again, not for long) painted blue. But because I love her insight and creativity and want her to be a part of how her own space looks, I agreed that we would paint her bedroom pink. (Words I never thought would come out of my mouth.) I've actually grown to really like blush, so blush it will be.

We have so many projects to do in this house that I honestly don't even know where to begin, but I do want to get her room put together sooner than later, so I figured I'd start by looking for inspiration in other rooms that are blush toned (paired with grey and white and hints of gold). The images you see above make up my current mood board. I'm not exactly sure when we'll get started (possibly this month, possibly not until April when Robbie has some time off), but I'll be sure to share the before and after here when it's complete.

And I'd love to hear from any of you who have pink in rooms or have suggestions of places to buy pretty little girls' bedding or room decor!



  1. These are all so pretty! I don't normally like pink either but these are so tastefully done. I can't wait to see it!

  2. Oh love all your ideas!! I’m all about the pretty pink girly room! We bought out bedding and my little girls new pink bedding from amazon and love ours! Totally recommend looking there! Xo Jen

  3. These bedrooms are what my dreams were made of when I was little. My parents were pretty dead set on everything being gender neutral and, moreover, we lived in the house that the 1950s built, so my bedroom had wood paneled walls. White wood paneled walls, but still - there was no painting. I eventually convinced my mom and dad to let me have blush pink carpet when I was seventeen. (Up to then, it had been a hideous shade of olive green.) While I don't think that not having the room of my dreams really had any impact on my overall well-being, I still know I would have loved any one of these, or any space inspired by one of them, a lot more ;)

  4. These photos are so adorable! This is giving me inspiration for my daughters room! Thank you for sharing! :)

    xo Sheree
    Posh Classy Mom

  5. Haha, no pink rooms here! My girls liked teal and polka dots, so that’s what we did! Lol!! Target has such great decor and Hobby Lobby!!

  6. This pink room has brought back to my childhood memories especially the style of that bed! I had a bed similar like that! I love how you decorated this pink room for your little girl❤️

  7. Pink walls totally bring back memories from my childhood. I guess it is a good reminder for all of us moms that kids have a mind of their own and we have to pick our battles. Love all the inspiration you included at the top. It will turn out so cute and she’ll love it!!


  8. I thought I'd never have a pink room either, and then I painted my office pink haha!! I love the inspiration photos, though! So chic and girly!
    xx Kristina

  9. I love this so much! For me pink has always been my friend. My girls love it too! I am glad you were flexible and allowed your daughter to express this fun and feminine side of being a girl + woman! I love the designs and can't wait to see the final look of her pink room!
    xo Debbie |

  10. I think a soft pink is lovely for a little girl's room! I wouldn't mind it for myself either :)

  11. Absolutely adore pink it's literally my fav color! Loving all the inspirational photos - can't wait to see the final look!


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