Tuesday, March 6, 2018

11 Stylish Bathroom Accessories Under $20

Stylish Bathroom Accessories Under $20
1. Blue Striped Bath Towel ($17.99)  |  2. Stoneware Soap Dispenser ($17.99)  |  3. Black and White Striped Bath Mat ($17.99)  |  4. Wood Hand Mirror ($17.99)  |  5. Dark Grey Bathroom Storage Container ($7.99)  |  6. . Pedal Bathroom Trash Bin ($15.99)  |  7. Indigo Ines Shower Curtain ($34.99; not under $20, but still a steal)  |  8. Stoneware Toothbrush Holder ($9.99)  |  9. Bamboo and White Bathroom Tray ($7.99)  |  10. Grey Soap Dish ($3.99)  |  11. Jute Bathroom Storage Basket ($17.99)  |  12. Round Table Mirror ($19.99)  

Disclaimer: You may be wondering why the title says "11" when there are clearly 12 pieces here. I probably should have titled it "11 bathroom accessories under $20 + 1 under $35." You see, #7 (the shower curtain) is $34.99 - but I just couldn't leave it out, because it's sooo pretty. Everything else you see here, however, is officially $20 or less. The end. 

I had this unrealistic idea in my head that once we moved into our new house (we've been here two months now), we'd get right to work on redecorating/remodeling, continue with it consistently, and have it where we wanted it by the summer. Ha. Hahaha. I will say that we unpacked almost everything, replaced the upstairs carpet, replaced all of the blinds, and replaced the toilets within the first two weeks - but I think that initial momentum gave me a false sense of future accomplishments. Since then, all we have had time to do was repaint Essley's room. From other homeowners to whom I've spoken that, like us, did not move into homes that required no upgrades, that's pretty realistic. I've now accepted the fact that this is going to be a marathon, not a sprint.

While I may not be living in a full remodeled home any time soon, I have started to gather decor items for various rooms that will eventually (fingers crossed) complete them. I'm especially looking forward to redecorating the bathrooms, which (aside from the downstairs powder room) will actually be pretty much complete once we get the cabinets painted. The pieces you see above are some of the bathroom decor pieces I've be eyeing - all (except one) of which are under $20. I'm really into that gorgeous blue towel (#1) and the jute storage basket (#11). And the shower curtain, obviously. I also already bought #6 for the master bath.

Where are you favorite places to shop for affordable bathroom decor? What home projects are you working on?



  1. I am totally ordering that bath mat right now. Everything is so pretty and affordable!

  2. This makes me want to redo my bathroom!

  3. Home ownership comes with a lot of false sense of future accomplishments, I've found. When we first moved into our new place in July, we had a ton of momentum and got a few major things done. But we were so tired of moving furniture around and packing/re-unpacking after that that we couldn't bring ourselves to embark on any further projects until January of this year. We took six months between projects! It happens. We have someone coming to chat about a major kitchen reno this month, but the actual work, again, probably won't be done for another six months. That's life, and its okay. Our homes are mostly for living in and if they serve that purpose, the rest is just details.


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