Monday, April 2, 2018

What I'm Wearing Now: March

Early Spring Style Staples
1. Fine Knit Sweater, H&M  //  2. Silver Hoop Earrings   //  3. Fan Tassel Earrings, Amazon (Only $7.99!)  // 4. Short Jersey Dress (on sale for $6.99!), H&M  //   5. Embossed Cactus Leather Pouch , Madewell  //  6. 3-Pack Rings, H&M (currently on Sale for $4.99!)  //  7Reservable Shopper Bag, L'Eternite (currently on sale for $17.99!)  //  8. Set of 3 Tassel Earrings, Revolia   // 9. Slim Mom Trashed Jeans,  H&M   //  10. Grey Beret, Azalea  //  11. Splash Gabi Sneakers, Minnetonka (on sale) //  12. Chuck Taylor Low Tops, Converse  //  13. Skinny Jeans in Carbondale Wash, Madewell

Yep. It's April, not March. But time slipped away from me last week, so here we are. And guess what? March looked almost exactly like February. I always have these big ideas that since spring technically begins in March that I'll be delving into my spring clothes. And sometimes that does happen here in Chicago, but not this year. We got snow a couple of times this month, and while there were a couple of days that felt luxurious because I didn't have to wear a jacket, March was still winter.

I wish I had lots of interesting things to say about this month's wardrobe staples, but that's pretty much it guys. Clearly I'm ready for the change of the seasons.

We are headed to northern California this week where it's been in the 70s, then Arizona later this month. So I promise you April's WIWN will be a little more exciting and (fingers crossed) much less wintery.

What did you wear in March? Are any of you regularly donning your spring wardrobe yet?

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  1. I am right there with you, Melissa. I keep seeing fun spring outfits on my favourite blogs and so, this weekend, when Ian and I had a day off together, I thought it would be the perfect time to capture some spring outfits. The problem? It's actually still minus eighteen degrees celsius outside most days, which means even going without gloves for long is an impossibility. Some days I feel like I'll be in coats until June and it just makes me shake my head :/

  2. I am soooo ready for spring clothes! Love everything you wore in march though!

  3. It's been pretty much consistently cold since February over here. But today the sun finally came out. Hopefully we'll have a sunny weekend :)
    I wear skinny jeans and hoop earrings a lot!


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