Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Hi Guys!

I can't even remember the last time I just stopped in here and said hi to you guys. Hi!

For the last six weeks, minus one weekend, my husband has had one of the longest work breaks I can remember. It's been absolutely incredible to be together as a family and for him to be able to be regularly involved in the kids' activities, etc. I am so grateful for all of it - especially to be able to say goodnight and good morning to him day after day. The nights are the hardest part for me of him being gone so often, and something I think is so easy to take for granted when you get used to it. It's been blissful.

All good things must come to an end, and he goes back on tour with the band next week. Looking back on our time together, it feels like a blink because we have been going at a nonstop speed since he first got back. I have taken on quite a bit of work (I'm sure my regular readers have noticed this via lots of sponsored posts here - I am so grateful for these opportunities to work with brands I love so I am able to support my family), which can only happen when Robbie is home to care for the kids. We've also been working on our house (we've been here four months now!) literally every free moment we have, and late into the night almost everyday. I can't wait to share some of these projects with you - from updates to the kids rooms, to putting in a patio and making it into our dream outdoor space, to redoing our master closet and more.

I try to find positive bits and pieces even in difficult situations, and even though I'm sad that we can't continue to be together as a family everyday, I am looking forward to having more time with my little ones instead of working from early morning until they go to bed. The weather is finally so beautiful here and the park is calling! I'm hoping to get to take them on some fun adventures too, like the one we took as family to the zoo a couple of weeks ago. The photos you see above are from that day. Essley (who is the tallest one in her class) said something so wonderful to me while we were there - she said that she and giraffes are "kindred spirits" because of their heights, and that she can communicate with them. I believe her.

I hope each one of you who reads this is enjoying your springtime. I hope to make more of these "just saying hi" posts around here.


  1. These are my favorite types of posts. You are such a good mom!

  2. I love the just saying hi posts. :)


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