Monday, June 25, 2018

7 Ideas for the Perfect Summer Hostess Gift

8 Ideas for the Perfect Summer Hostess Gift

One of my favorite parts of summer is all of the outdoor parties and gatherings with friends. From girls nights on friends' patios to family barbecues and summertime dinner parties, there always seems to be something fun going on. Whether it's a small get-together or a big soiree, I always try to bring something for the hostess or host to thank them for the invitation. These gifts don't need to extravagant - a simple, thoughtful token of your appreciation can go far! Today I thought I'd share some of my go-tos for hostess and host gifts during the summertime.

1. Plants. I mean, really, who doesn't love a new plant? I actually give out small succulents as gifts for all sorts of occasions, but they're especially perfect for summer hostess gifts. If your host or hostess isn't the gardening type, gift them a faux succulent - the good ones look surprisingly real. Flowering plants are nice too, and last much longer than cut flowers.

2. Summer themed coffee table book. Who doesn't love a gorgeous new coffee table book? Consider a beautiful beach or picnic themed gift for the host or hostess of your next summer party.

3. Lightweight throw. A party guest once gifted me a pretty, lightweight throw blanket rolled up and tied with a ribbon, and I just thought it was the most thoughtful gift. Summer nights can get chilly, and curling up on your patio or porch with a lightweight blanket is just the best.

4. TIKI Brand Table TorchesYou guys know how obsessed I am with my own TIKI Brand table torches - so much so that they've become my favorite gifts for friends throwing parties. They're truly the perfect summertime presents too, since they bring such an incredible ambience to any outdoor space. They can even be used at the party that day or night! I especially love gifting the Geo Globe table torch and the Pineapple Paradise Glass table torch - they're both very chic and on trend in terms of design. The Mixed Material Votive table torch is another favorite. I also grab a bottle of Clean Burn Fuel to gift alongside the torches. The flames on the table torches are rich, bright, and long-burning, and truly take outdoor parties up a notch! If I'm going to a big summer party, sometimes I also gift a couple of TIKI Brand Fire Island Metal Torches. (If you're looking for a slightly larger gift for a hostess/host or for a birthday party or wedding shower gift, check out the Huntington Patio Torch and Cordoba Patio Torch - favorites from my own patio!)

5. Rocks or crystals. Okay, so this may be a little too hippie for some, but I'm telling you guys - so many of my friends love decorating their outdoor spaces with natural items like rocks and crystals. Besides, what better way to bring good vibes to the hostess or host of a party than a crystal full of great energy? (Sage smudge sticks are awesome too!)

6. Summer herbs. This sort of goes along with the plant idea from #1 above, but a really great hostess gift idea for this time of year is an herb plant or two. There is nothing like fresh basil in the summertime, so I usually opt for a nice full basil plant. If you want to take it up a notch, include a market basket of tomatoes and fresh mozzarella cheese.

7. Summer fruit bowl. I love the idea of bringing a hostess a pretty bowl filled with summertime fruit like lemons (for lemonade) or apples (for sangria). It's unique and practical, and gives off a quintessential  summertime vibe.

I hope these hostess gift ideas are useful for you as you attend summertime parties. And if you have any ideas I might have missed, I'd love to hear them!

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  1. Giving succulents as gifts is something I only thought of recently but when I came up with it, I basically thought I was a genius, ha ha - clearly I am not, but I have not yet met anyone who wasn't thrilled to receive one as a gift.

  2. This is perfect timing, I have a party to attend this weekend!

  3. These are great gift ideas! Personally I'm hopeless with plants, but I wouldn't mind a Summer themed coffee table book :)


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