Monday, July 30, 2018

8 Summer Into Fall Denim Styles I Love

8 Summer Into Fall Denim Looks

I've never been one of those people who starts getting excited for fall in August. It's still summer until September 22nd, if we're being official, so can we just enjoy the rest of the sunshine and flowers and happy beach vibes before having pumpkin spice lattes shoved downed our throats, man?

That said, I will admit that I do start thinking more carefully about any clothing pieces I purchase this time of year, since I know cooler weather is around the corner. I definitely do not run straight for the sweater rack (in fact I refuse to even look in its direction until October), but I am mindful of looking for styles I can wear now that I won't need to pack away as soon as fall arrives. And that is why denim is usually my number one choice for any new purchase I make this time of year. It's so easy to transition denim, if it's done right, from season to season. It just works.

The denim pieces you see here are all styles I have my eye on that I feel work well now, but would also work into fall. I'm only allowing myself one though, so you guys have to help me pick. Which is your favorite?



  1. As someone who also lives for summer and dreads the impending cold like it's an existential crisis — because truly I'm meant to live in warmth and sun (even though I live in and love the northeast) — seeing "fall" in the title struck fear in me.

    This time of year is always hard. I'm fully in summer and everyone seems happy to be thinking about fall. It's summer until fall equinox, always. Great selections for bridging the two! :)

  2. I love all of them but I say get 1, 7, or 8! I may just have to get some too. :)

  3. Denim. For me, it's an addiction. No matter how many pairs of jeans I have, I never feel like my collection is complete because there are always styles I don't yet own and every pair, no matter how minute the difference, really is different. Personally, I'd go for all eight of these styles, but you've probably guessed that ;)

  4. I've been seeing more of those wide legged jeans. Unfortunately they don't look good on me :-/ I'm currently enjoying wearing my jean shorts!


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