Monday, August 6, 2018

Back-To-School Bonding: Shopping for Clothes With My Little One

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Beginning a new year of school is thrilling in so many ways - it feels like an adventure, with new teachers, new friends, and new things to learn. As a kid, I always got excited about pretty much every aspect of a new school year approaching, but the thing I looked forward to most was shopping for back-to-school clothes. My mom recently told me that even when I was in my very first years of school, I was completely smitten with the act of picking out and wearing new clothing at the start of a school year. So when Essley expressed to me recently how excited she was to shop for some new pieces of clothing for school, my heart swelled a little bit. Last week, we sat down at my computer together, and shopped for our first few pieces for her new school year.

We decided to do our shopping at Abercrombie Kids, because to me, jeans are the #1 staple item when it comes to school clothes for little ones, and they genuinely have the best kids' denim around. They also offer so many different styles for girls - from super skinny ankle jeans with extra-slim fit and a super cute cropped cut to pull-on jean leggings with elastic waists that are super comfy and perfect for throwing on and being active. I also love the boys' styles - especially the super hip taper jeans and the ultra comfortable sweatpant stretch jeans - and can't wait until Emmett is old enough to wear them. I also appreciate the wide variety of denim sizes that Abercrombie Kids offers - from 3/4 to 15/16. Essley and I ended up choosing two pairs: the Ripped Pull On Jean Legging in dark wash, and the Ripped Jean Legging in medium wash. Essley was a big fan of the distressed style of these pairs (I was too!), and I liked the concept of them being easy to put on and full of stretch for all of her school day activities.

After we chose some jeans, it was time to pick out tops. There were so many stylish designs to choose from in Abercrombie Kids' new arrivals section (and as with the jeans, a wide size range from 5/6 to 15/16), and we spent a lot of time together just looking at all of the different options. We also fell in love with the Everybody Collection, their new gender neutral line (and their tag line: "for every kind of kid and every kind of adventure"). I think it's incredibly important for kids to dress how they want without being labeled as "boy" or "girl," and this collection offers so many fun styles that are perfect for active kids. I told Essley she could pick out one tee and one slightly dressier top, and after much deliberation, she chose two styles that are so cute I wish were available in my size too: the Off-The-Shoulder Button Front Top in navy dots, and the Easy Floral Tee in black floral.

It was basically Christmas morning when the package arrived a few days later, and Essley wanted to try everything on right away. I was really impressed with the quality and fit, and she declared she was "the comfiest ever," immediately grabbed some books and her backpack, and announced that she was ready for school. She has, of course, had to "test out" her new back-to-school clothes several times (despite the fact that she still has a few weeks until it officially begins), and I don't blame her. I remember that same excitement, and feel really grateful that we've been able to spend time together shopping for her clothes for the new school year. We even went and visited a local one room schoolhouse (that operated over a hundred years ago), and she insisted on wearing one of her new outfits for the occasion. I can't wait to see her wear it again for her first day of school.

Anyone else get overly excited for back-to-school shopping with your kids? And who else is an Abercrombie Kids fan? Did you know they're currently offering 40% off Kids Jeans, Tees, Sweatshirts and more through August 15th? It looks like Essley and I might have to have another back-to-school clothes shopping bonding session with a deal like that...



  1. She is so darling and photogenic! I love her outfits too.

  2. That cold shoulder top is so cute. I wish they had it in my size! Also how did I not know there was an Abercrombie Kids?! Amazing!

  3. She's a doll. I love these outfits and I loved back to school shopping so much as a kid!


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