Wednesday, September 12, 2018

8 Casual Looks I Love for Fall

8 Casual Boho Looks For Fall

Don't get the wrong idea guys; I will be wearing my cut-offs and sundresses until the bitter end (and likely well past the time it's considered seasonally appropriate). But fall and cool temps are coming whether I like it or not, and if you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

The looks you see above are some favorites I've come across lately. They're all different styles and not necessarily cohesive but I love how they're casual yet still put together. And I like that a lot of them feature items that could be considered transitional pieces too.

Have you started wearing any fall clothes yet? What's your favorite type of clothing to wear in autumn?



  1. I am sad to report that fall seems to have snuck in here overnight. While I'm still holding out on running the air conditioner because there are temperature fluctuations, my apartment is starting to feel like an ice box and the last couple of times I've gone out in the evening, I've needed to grab a coat. I'm still wearing my beloved sandals but yesterday, even that was feeling a bit like was pushing it. At least we have fall fashion to get excited about...? Because the weather certainly isn't much fun :(

  2. I love that top in the number 3! The color, cut, all of it! I have started to wear a few fall things but I am not ready for cold weather.


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