Wednesday, May 15, 2019

12 Adorable Kids Swimsuits Under $18

1. Gold Ruffled Bikini ($17.99)   |   2. Yellow Flounce Bikini ($17.99)   |   3. Rainbow Bikini ($12.99)   |   4. Coral Striped Swimsuit ($5.99)    |   5. Striped Ruffled Swimsuit ($12.99)   |   6. Heart One-Piece Swimsuit ($5.99)   |   7. Shark Swim Trunks ($12.99)   |   8. Turquoise Palm Swim Trunks   |   9. Red Floral Swim Trunks ($12.99)   |   10. Navy Dinosaur Swim Trunks ($5.99)   |   11. Striped Swim Trunks ($5.99)   |   12.  Navy Palm Swim Trunks ($12.99)

It doesn't quite feel like it yet, but pool and beach season is (almost) here. We are really fortunate to have an incredible pool and water park across the street from our neighborhood, and it opens next week. The kids are stoked! I realized that their current suits no longer fit them though, and am currently on the hunt for new ones for this year. I came across these styles you see above in my search, and wanted to share because they're not only adorable, they're also all under $18. Which one is your favorite?



  1. Omg those bikinis are soooo cute. Getting one for my niece!


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