Tuesday, May 7, 2019

9 Beautiful (and Practical) Baskets

9 Beautiful (and Practical) Baskets

Hi hi hi! The blog has been noticeably vacant recently compared to normal, I know. The truth is that I have been spending much more time creating content on Instagram lately, and while the Bubby and Bean blog will always be my social media mother ship, I get so much more engagement and traffic on IG these days. So if you don't yet, please give a follow over there so you're not missing out on content. And if you prefer to read here, let me know in the comments. People don't comment on blogs anymore like they do on Instagram, but it's still always nice to feel like there's a conversation going on here as well, and I'm not just talking to into an abyss. :) Don't worry, the blog isn't going anywhere. We're on our ninth year and regardless of social media shifts, our plan is to continue to create content here for years to come. And there is lots of great stuff planned here this month, so make sure to visit often.

Now that that's out of the way, how about those pretty baskets up above? We are verrrry slowly but surely starting to get our house where we want it, room by room. (Don't even get me started on the kitchen though. Anybody want to come just demo it for us and start all over?) But even the finished rooms could use some organization, so I'm in the market for some beautiful baskets that can hold random trinkets and also act as room accessories. I'm a big fan of all these you see here, but terrible at making decisions. Which ones get your vote?

More to come!



  1. The shift to instagram is a strange one to try to manage, isn't it? I find that although I still post almost as often on my blog, all of the content I create is geared towards instagram and I find ways to turn it into blog posts after the fact - which is exactly the opposite of how I started. But things change with time, and we have to change with them. We do, whether we like it or not, and my love of baskets is a great example of that - I never imagined I'd like anything made of straw, but I now have no less than five straw bags in my collection, and I have my eye on moving on to decorative baskets next. This selection offers way too many good options :)

  2. I prefer to read here over Instagram mostly because I enjoy the more in depth articles. Instagram feels so fast to me, if that makes sense. I do love your Instagram too though! I love all of these baskets too!!

  3. I like the pompom ones :) I've always loved coming to your blog. Glad to know you are not giving it up!


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