Wednesday, June 26, 2019

A Childhood Memory Made Modern

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I grew up in the 80s and early 90s, which was a vastly differently time than what my children know today. There was no internet or cell phones, there were very limited options for structured activities, there was a greater sense of autonomy and freedom to just play, and there seemed to exist a lot more of the simple things that ultimately brought great joy - like baking cookies with my mom, packing them up in Tupperware, and enjoying them for days.

While I recognize (and wholeheartedly accept!) that it is a different time and my kids are a different generation, it's important to me to recreate some of the most enjoyable traditions from my own childhood for them. Reconnecting to my childhood through the recreation of these memories in more modern ways not only helps me feel closer to my little ones, it also creates special experiences for them that will hopefully become significant memories of their own.

The baking of cookies that I mentioned above is one of the most profound childhood memories I recreate with my kids. Perhaps this is because baking is so widely associated with happiness and celebration - from holiday cookies to birthday cakes, to after school snacks. Or maybe it's because I so vividly remember standing on a chair in the kitchen next to my mom and using a wooden spoon to stir chocolate chips in the dough inside of my favorite bright yellow bowl stamped with daisies (I own this special bowl now and cherish it). It could be the joy I got from placing the cooled cookies into Tupperware containers, knowing that I would get to continue to eat them all week long. Whatever the reason, the entire process of baking chocolate chip cookies with my kids - from the first stir to packing them up in our Tupperware -is blissful for me (and for them too!).

Our cookie baking experience today is, of course, quite a bit different from back then. No longer are we baking in a darkly decorated kitchen of the 80s using boxed cookie mix. (And truth be told, no longer are we always even baking from scratch as my mom often did. We are by no means too good for today's refrigerated, pre-portioned cookie dough, thank you very much.) The same laughter and music (thanks for seeding my love for Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell, mom) can often be heard, and  the same delicious scents can be smelled, and those are, of course, the things that really matter. But it is a different time. I remember only having a few choices for our Tupperware containers to store the cookies then too. Today, the options are endless.

When we're baking around the holidays, we love to use our smaller Tupperware containers to pack up our cookies to gift to friends and family. But in our day to day life, we store our cookies and countless other food items (from cereals, nuts, chips, pasta, and baking ingredients) in containers from our Tupperware Modular Mates® Oval and Square Set and One Touch® Reminder Canister Set. While my love for baking cookies with kids was passed down from my mom, her sense of organization was not. The incredible Oval and Square Set not only locks in freshness for our cookies (and other food items), it also keeps my hot mess of a pantry perfectly organized. And the
One Touch® Reminder Canister Set canisters feature seals that are liquid and air tight, along with the coolest viewing windows that remind me when I'm running low on the item. It's not my mama's Tupperware - it's even better.

Just like my mom did way back in the day when I was a little girl, I'm able to count on Tupperware to help create lasting memories and also make my daily life easier. And in this modern time, I'm able to rely on Tupperware for so much more. Their inventive kitchen solutions provide me with the tools I need for everything from fun cookie baking sessions to preparing healthy dinners for my family to storage options for pretty much everything I have in my kitchen. Whether you need some major pantry organization help or just want to bake a batch of chocolate chip cookies with your kids, I highly recommend purchasing some Tupperware goods today. You'll be glad you did, I promise!

What childhood memories do you make modern with your kids? Who else used Tupperware growing up and continues to use it today?



  1. My mom did Tupperware parties! All the time! I need to get those one touch canisters, so cool.

  2. We used tupperware growing up and I still have some of the pieces from when I was a kid. I need to upgrade to some of these though!


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