Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Hair Clip Trend: Yes Please or No Way?

Hair Clip Trend: Yes or No?
1. Slide Set (available in multiple colors), $12   |   2. Beaded Clip Set, $16   |   3. Luster Slide Set,    4. 'Next' Hair Clips, $16   |   5. Pearl Slide Set, $64   |   6. Fancy Slide Set, $28   |   7. Multi-Colored Clip Set, $30   |   8. Shimmer Clip Set, $16   |   9.  Rhinestone Stars Slide Set, $18

I genuinely never wear hair accessories, unless a stretched-out hair tie desperately holding a two day old bun that is slowly giving into gravity counts. But because trends interest me (even if I don't follow them for the most part), and I'm kind of curious about all of the fancy clips/slides/barrettes everyone is wearing these days. I'm not sure they're for me, but I do find them to be quite pretty when done right. During one of my 3 AM I-can't-sleep-so-I'll-just-make-it-worse-by-picking-up-my-phone rabbit holes, I searched out these clips and came upon a whole bunch that I did not hate. And then I felt compelled to share them here and see what your thoughts are on them.

So tell me, are you into the clip trend (or the scrunchie trend that doesn't seem to be going anywhere, or just hair accessories in general)? Or are you more of a let your locks be free type of person? Any of the clips above strike your fancy? Should I get any of them? Am I asking too many questions on a platform (blogs, duh) that people don't comment on anymore?



  1. I definitely fell hard for the hair clip trend, which I did not expect. But it coincided with cutting my hair short which, all of a sudden, left me a limited number of styling options. Hair clips are the perfect solution to that - my hair basically looks the same every day, but a single hairclip can mask that completely. Plus, as a child of the nineties, I admit that all the hairclips take me back to my early teens... another point in time when I obsessed over hairclips and had to have them all ;)

  2. I go back and forth. I'm more of a subtle jewelry wearer. But all of these are beautiful!


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